20 Things to give up for Lent aside from meat

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This Lenten season, food and soda aren't the only things you can sacrifice. Check out this list for other, more meaningful options.

Each Lenten season, many Christians prepare for a period of reflection and repentance.

During this time—which takes place from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday—Christians pray, repent, give alms, atone for their sins, and embrace the practice of self-denial.

In line with this, they take into account what habits and areas of their lives they need to “give up” as a form of sacrifice to show their devotion.

Contrary to popular knowledge, indulgences such as fast food and soda aren’t the only things one can abstain from during the season.

20 Things to give up for Lent aside from meat

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Here are some unique options for Christians who want to commit to a more meaningful sacrifice this season, based on a list written by pastor and writer, Phil Ressler.

  1. Impatience: Trust that God’s timing is perfect.
  2. Fear of Failure: The road to success is not without failure; keep pressing on.
  3. Feeling Unworthy: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made by your creator.” Psalm 139:14
  4. Your Comfort Zone: Stepping out of your shell is how you discover and grow.
  5. Comparing yourself to others: Appreciate your uniqueness.
  6. People Pleasing: You can’t please everyone, so focus on striving to please God.
  7. Guilt: Leave the past behind, acknowledging how Christ has forgiven you.
  8. Blaming others: Learn to take responsibility of your actions.
  9. Hatred: Cultivate a loving spirit and “do not be overcome by evil”
  10. Pride: Be humble at all times and you will be blessed.
  11. Envy: Refrain from jealousy; your worth is not measured by your bank account.
  12. Selfish ambition: Value God’s will over your own plans.
  13. Worry: Remind yourself that God is in control. Don’t fear.
  14. Complaining: Appreciate your blessings, big or small. Be part of the solution, not the problem.
  15. Bitterness: You only hurt yourself if you cling to negative feelings.
  16. Destructive speech: Build each other up and keep away from gossip.
  17. Giving up: God never gave up on us, so we must never give up on ourselves.
  18. Busyness: Keeping busy doesn’t always lead to prosperity. Enrich yourself through spiritual pursuits, too.
  19. Apathy: Not caring can be harmful. Be invested in your community, as much as you are in your own life’s journey.
  20. Resistance to Change: Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

View Pastor Phil’s full list on Greater Things Today.

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