8 Things we forget to thank our moms for

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Our moms do everything. From cleaning our rooms to being our personal cheerleader, moms are superheroes. Yet they don't ask us for much. Here's a list to remind us to thank our moms for all that they do.

Our moms are usually the ones who know us best. They can tell when we have problems, and they know exactly just what to do to turn our frowns upside down. Sometimes however, we can take our moms for granted for all the wonderful things that they do for us. Here's a list of a few of the things we forget to thank our moms for.

1. All the times our mom helped us with our problems

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Moms give us advice, act as a shoulder that we can lean on, and whenever they can't fix a problem for us, usually a hug will make everything feel better. The word "mom" should be synonymous with "superhero" with all the amazing things that they do for us. A simple thank you and a tight hug can make our moms feel that we appreciate all of their efforts.

2. Being our personal cheerleader

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Our moms will always cheer for us, no matter what. Even if we got last place in a contest, our moms will always find a way to make us feel like we're number one. Thanks mom!

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