Things you wish you knew when parenting your toddler

Things you wish you knew when parenting your toddler

Being first-time parents to a toddler can be daunting. Are there things you wish you had known in advance with regards to raising toddlers? You might relate to this.

parenting your toddler for the first time

That chubby-cheeked little 6-month-old will soon be a free-willed toddler!

The other day, I was looking at photographs of my cheeky 2-year-old toddler when he was a newborn. I remember the day he was born as if it was only yesterday.

I remember his spiky hair and tiny, frail limbs. I look at his curls and strong, sturdy limbs now and wonder, “How did that happen?”

I look at him now, grinning cheekily at me, and see how independent he is, how he has a mind and will of his own. And I remember how totally dependent he was on me just 2 years ago.

Where did those 2 years go, I wonder. Is it possible they have whizzed by so fast, encompassing so many changes in my baby, who is now an active, and sometimes challenging, toddler?

parenting your toddler for the first time

Cheeky toddlers: Adorably challenging!

Being a parent to a toddler is not always easy.

Many toddlers between the ages of 1-3 years old are experimenting with language, yet still haven’t got fully developed linguistic skills to competently express their needs, feelings and emotions. And when this happens, the result is often — you guessed it — tantrums and meltdowns.

Add to the tantrums, fussiness with food and sleep (and many other things actually!), excessive energy and sometimes uncontrollable emotions… and it’s safe to say that toddlers are complex little beings.

Moms, are there things you wish you had known regarding parenting your toddler?

There are heaps of things I certainly wish I had known before both my boys entered toddlerhood!

parenting your toddler for the first time

Expect your toddler to want his independence… even if he doesn’t really know what he wants!

As your baby becomes a toddler, you enter a new phase in motherhood that doesn’t require waking up every 2 hours to feed your baby, burping, swaddling and tummy-time.

According to Angelyn Seet-Loh, the Director at ParentLink Singapore:

“Toddlers have reached that stage in life when their bodies are starting to get physically stronger and more balanced. There is a lot more involved in trying to walk upright than it is to just lie down and kick around as an infant.” 

And this is just one of the differences between toddlers and newborns or younger babies.

As you can imagine,  looking after a toddler presents parents with a whole new set of challenges, and some might say that this phase in a child’s life can be one of the most difficult for parents to cope with.

So for all you wonderful moms and dads of toddlers, this article is all about the things you wished you had known when parenting toddlers for the first time.

And parents of infants who are not yet toddlers… for you, this article is all about preparation (and perhaps inspiration) for that stage!


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parenting your toddler for the first time

Your toddler’s moods may shift rapidly — one moment, she may be giggling and the next moment may herald the onset of a tantrum!

You wish you’d known that you’d need more patience

If your child is not yet a toddler and you think you already have ample amounts of patience, think again! Bucket-loads of patience are needed when you have a toddler (or 2) in the house!

For all you parents whose kids are yet to enter the world of toddlerhood, here are just a few things that toddlers often do that will probably require you to amp up your patience levels:

  • They can easily sit for 2 hours in front of an almost full plate of food, with a mouthful of food stuck in one cheek for most of those 2 hours.
  • A 2-year-old boy who is being potty trained will happily announce he needs to “pee!” only after leaving a big puddle on the floor — over and over again — which means you will clean the mess over and over again!
  • They will demand for your attention all day, every day, whether you are sick, tired, hungry or just want time for yourself in the bathroom.
  • They will throw tantrums in the most public of places, such as a crowded shopping mall or supermarket.
parenting your toddler for the first time

Your toddler will probably choose the busiest mall in Singapore to throw her biggest tantrum!

You wish you could understand “toddler talk”

“WANT SCHMIK!” How many times have you heard your toddler ask for things in his own “language”  but you have no idea what he is asking for/talking about?

While “toddler talk” can be very cute and amusing to listen to, it’s often not the most effective way for a toddler to communicate exactly what he or she wants.

As you try to decipher his demand to no avail, you see him growing increasingly frustrated and if you don’t figure out what he wants in time, you can bet your last cent that he will throw a tantrum.

Which brings us to our next point…

parenting your toddler for the first time

See that sunny smile? Only your beautiful toddler can be so overjoyed to see you!

You wish your toddler had a built-in switch to prevent and control tantrums

“The Terrible Twos” — whether you have a toddler or not, you probably would have heard of this term and know it goes hand in hand with tantrums.

Handling a full-blown toddler tantrum can be terribly challenging and distressing, both for the parents and for the child. Always keep in mind though that the best way to deal with a tantrum is not by throwing one of your own (though it may feel very tempting to do so!). Instead, deal with your toddler’s tantrum by:

  • Keeping your cool
  • Remembering that you’re the adult
  • Talking about it with your child once he/she has calmed down
  • Letting your child know you love him/her
  • Preventing tantrum-inducing situations in the first place


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parenting your toddler for the first time

Your toddler will want to use his newfound agility at all times which may leave you on pins at times!

You wish you knew how to deal with your toddler’s demands for independence

From a helpless newborn totally dependent on you for everything, your toddler now wants to do everything by himself. From eating and dressing to wanting to cross the road by himself without holding your hand — he wants to do it all alone.

If you don’t let him have his way, it often results in a dreaded tantrum.

According to Dr Sears, this newfound need for independence coincides with a toddler’s motor skills developing during the first half of the 2nd year, and his mental skills developing in the last half of the 2nd year.

This results in them wanting to do things independently, but not yet having the ability to think logically to see them through their attempted actions.

parenting your toddler for the first time

And through the tears, tantrums and high drama that accompanies toddlerhood, there will be the sunny smiles and adorable moments that you will treasure forever!

You wish your heart could expand just a little bit more

Because despite the tantrums, the need for independence in all matters, the constant testing of your patience and tolerance, the food splattered on the walls and so on, you feel like your heart is bursting with love for this little person.

As you watch your little one sleep, you still see a hint of those chubby infant cheeks and those sausage-y baby thighs. That pure innocence that all babies are born with is still there in his sweet face.

You see your toddler’s beautiful, pure smile when you come home from work and forget about that mega-tantrum he threw in the mall the other day. You know at that moment, no one else in the world could ever be so happy to see you as your little one.

You hear your 2-year-old lisp, “I wuv you,” for the first time and forget about the food splattered on the ceiling.

You feel his small arms around you in the most genuine bear hug ever and forget about him demanding to eat his dinner without a stitch of clothing on.

And when it comes to the tantrums and other not so desirable behavior that accompanies toddlerhood, in the words of a fellow mum of a toddler, you remind yourself, “This, too, shall pass.”

Parents, are there things YOU wished you’d know when parenting your toddler for the first time? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below. 

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