Throw a last-minute Easter party in 4 easy steps!

It's not too late to plan an Easter party. You can still liven up your Easter Sunday by throwing a last-minute bash parents and kids will enjoy!

Though there are a lot of Easter egg hunt parties that will be happening around Metro Manila this weekend, you might be leaning towards throwing an Easter party of your own. The good news is: it's not too late! It only takes a few easy steps to throw an Easter bash everyone will enjoy.

Step 1: Buy decor!

A few days before Easter, chances are that groceries will run out of plastic eggs. Worry not! Actual eggs will do just fine! Make sure to get eco-friendly and hypoallergenic paint to dunk the eggs. Color coordinate prizes so you can keep track of who wins what at the end of the egg hunt.

Get bunny-themed streamers, posters, egg-shaped balloons, pastel-colored plates, utensils, and tablecloths to get you started. Go straight to the Holiday section of the grocery to save time. Remember that book stores also offers decor options, if the grocery has run out.

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Step 2: Decorate

Even if your decor is simple, being color-coordinated does wonders to make it look prettier. Decide on a color scheme (it doesn't have to be pastel!) and make sure to concentrate decorations within a small section of your house and garden if you don't have enough decor.

Step 3: Make Snacks

Make sure to choose snacks that are easy to whip up. Try Easter Nest cookies, Cadbury Cream Egg Bunnies or Chick cupcakes! You can find the recipes here! (Here's a little secret: If you don't have time, store bought is fine! Just make sure to plate or present them in a way that's in keeping with your theme!)

Step 4: Hide the eggs!

Now comes the fun part! Hide the eggs for kids to find. Remember to hide them in places that are safe and easy to reach. Before the hunt, be clear about areas that are off limits. Decide on a specific search area beforehand in order to keep kids safe and to make it easier for parents to watch over them, even while they're sitting at their table. Don't forget to choose a fun party playlist to liven up the mood!

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