5 Timeless Bible stories parents can tell to teach kids good values

Read these stories from the Bible to teach kids good values this Holy Week!

This coming Holy Week, Christians will reflect on Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Truly, the Bible is a treasure trove of lessons and good values parents can impart to their kids.

Here are five of them.

1. Noah's Ark

Value: Patience

This timeless story tells the story of Noah, a man called by God to built a huge ark for the "Great Flood". Despite those who didn't believe the flood would come, he persisted to obey God's command. He also inspired his family to do the same, teaching them to trust God and to work hard while waiting for His promises.

As a result, he was protected by God and given a great reward.

2. The story of David and Jonathan

Value: Friendship

After young David defeated the giant Goliath, which is a story that teaches kids to trust in God and believe in themselves, he was brought to King Saul who was extremely pleased with him! King Saul's son Jonathan was also inspired by David's bravery and decided, from then on, to "love him like brother."

The two became best friends. Jonathan gave David gifts: a robe, armor, sword, and bow. David stayed with Jonathan and didn't go back to his home in Bethlehem. David soon became an officer and made King Saul very proud.

3. The story of Jonah

Value: Obedience

Though God instructed him to go to Nineveh to preach His Word, but Jonah disobeyed God and instead decided to go on his own path. While at sea, they encountered a terrifying storm. Jonah recognized this as a result of God's anger and he didn't want to endanger other's lives because of his mistake, so he asked his fellow sailors on the boat to toss him into the ocean. He knew God would be there to rescue him.

After he was thrown into the ocean, he was swallowed by a big fish. After three days and three nights of praying inside the belly of the fish, Jonah was spat out to continue his mission to serve God. Though it wasn't in the way he was expecting, God forgave him and allowed him to make up for his past disobedience.


4. The story of Ruth and Naomi

Value: Loyalty

It was the famine that lasted for decades in Israel. Elimelech took his wife Ruth and two sons Chilion and Mahlon to Moab where they eventually married.

Naomi lost her two sons and her husband. Her daughters-in-law Ruth and Oprah remained by her side. When Naomi decided to go back to Bethlehem since the famine was over, she convinced Oprah to stay with her people in Moab. But strong-willed Ruth refused, knowing that an old widow during that time would have a difficult time providing for herself. They eventually called Bethlehem home and lived there happily.

5. The Good Samaritan

Value: Generosity

As with the rest of the parables in The New Testament, The Good Samaritan imparts a great lesson. It teaches us to be kind to those in need and to help them in the best way we can.

A traveler, robbed, beaten and stripped, was left lying on the side of the road. Though others refused to offer the suffering man a helping hand, there was a kind stranger, a Samaritan, who helped the injured man.

This teaches kids that they can being kind is more important than judging others. Showing kindness is one of the best way to let others feel God's love.

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