Tips for a happy marriage: Sweet actions speak louder than words!

Tips for a happy marriage: Sweet actions speak louder than words!

Tired of going through tips for a happy marriage? Well, you can stop your search here. Read this for a great tips to a happy marriage!

Tips for a happy marriage

Entering to a married life is a decision and also a responsibility to make. After finally saying your promised vows to each other, each sexes must work on how to run your relationship. And yeah, it is normal for a couple to argue. But this are the tips for a happy marriage that you must know:


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Tips for a happy marriage

Loving someone

Couples in a relationship often face the problem of not knowing how to take the relationship forward. While both partners love each other, they often fail to communicate these feelings with each other, which leads to insecurity and lack of contentment in a relationship.

Under these circumstances, it becomes essential to connect with your partner, both emotionally as well as physically, in order to reiterate the vows you made to each other. Words might sound empty while gestures state a lot.

Going the extra mile


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It is often seen that words sound empty while gestures convey much more, especially when things like saying “I love you” become a routine rather than a genuine expression of your affection.

So, it is necessary to be able to express your love for your partner through gestures too. It need not be an elaborate fireworks kind of display of affection, as the little things in your relationship are the things which probably mean the most. You could hold each others’ hands, or simply make eye contact, which is significant in letting your other half know that you are always there for them.

Always say that you appreciate them

There’s nothing wrong in saying ‘Thank you, i appreciate you a lot.’ many times. In fact, this words has its own magic. It’s encouraging and can help your partner to appreciate himself also. When your partner cooked you a food, say thank you. Gave you milk before bed, say thank you. Fetch you at work, say thank you. His existence? Say i love you.

Saying good words to each other can avoid the high risk of emotional dissatisfaction towards your partner. Studies found out that half of men have cheated on their wives because of the emotional dissatisfaction. It is when they already don’t feel the love and connection to their wives.

Go say i love you to your partner. I promise you, it can help.

Using kind and sweet gestures


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Cuddling each other on the couch while watching TV, making the effort to prepare your partner’s favourite drink, or even kissing them unexpectedly can also help in expressing your love and affection for your partner.

While lovemaking plays a great part in helping you bond, the trifling everyday things which would usually be taken for granted matter just as much, if not more.

It is essential that as partners, you are always in touch with that person inside, the person you originally fell in love with. Only then can you free yourselves of all inhibitions, and strengthen your relationship by adding that special zing to it.

Practice honesty in your relationship

Even though it’s hard to confess your own mistakes, you must learn how to admit it and to become an honest person. If your partner truly loves you, he will understand every inch of you. And if you truly loves your partner, you will admit your mistakes and trust him.

If you’re having a problem of money like you not able to budget and pay your bills, you must share this to your partner. State your problem and solve together.

Did these tips on how to better gesture your love for your partner help? Do you usually gesture or words to show your love and appreciation? We’d love to hear feedback from you!

For more on showing love through a gesture, watch this video:

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