5 Tips for buying the perfect swimsuit, according to plus-size model Ashley Graham

5 Tips for buying the perfect swimsuit, according to plus-size model Ashley Graham

Supermodel Ashley Graham is proudly plus-size but she has super helpful tips for buying the perfect swimsuit for any body type!

Model, designer, and Body activist Ashley Graham broke a lot of barriers by becoming the first plus-size model to grace the cover of the iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Now, as she prepares to debut her much awaited plus-size swimsuit line, the gorgeous 28-year-old teamed up with Glamour magazine to share some tried and tested tips on how to find the perfect swimsuit for any body type.

Tip #1: Shimmy!

Shimmy to the left; shimmy to the right. No nip slip? You’re good!

screengrab: YouTube

screengrab: YouTube

Tip #2: Only believe natural light

Let’s face it: fitting room lighting was designed for destroying self-esteem. So, only make a decision if you’ve imagined how it would look under the sun!

screengrab: YouTube

screengrab: YouTube

More than going for a typically “flattering” cut, she recommends prioritizing the role of a well-fitting suit to give you that confidence–no matter what type of swimsuit you choose!

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Tip #3: Over-order

Ashley recommends to make sure you order a couple of sizes when buying a swimsuit online: “That way you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit.”


screengrab: YouTube

Tip #4: A friend is the best mirror

Ashley suggests having a friend take your photo. “You may know your best angles, but they sure don’t,” she says.

screengrab: YouTube

screengrab: YouTube

Tip #5: Tight or loose? You decide

When choosing the right fit, you can choose to go up a size or go for a tight fit. Ashley prefers the latter.

“I like to go down a size,” says Graham. “I heard you’re supposed to go up a size, but honey, I like it tight.”


Watch the full video below!

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