Toddler killed by parents as she was too negligent for their liking

Toddler killed by parents as she was too negligent for their liking

This gruesome news of a four-year-old toddler killed by parents will make you wince as the brutality inflicted on the child is just gut-wrenching!

A couple was sentenced to death for beating and torturing their four-year-old daughter until she died. The brutality didn’t end with the baby’s death. Her body was then kept in a freezer for a week.

A court in Kuwait sentenced the couple, father, Salem Buhan, 26, and mother, Amira Hussain, 23, after it found them guilty of torturing their daughter until she died.

According to sources, the investigation department got a tip about a suspicious murder in a flat in the Salmiya area in Kuwait City. On searching the flat, investigators found a bag in the freezer in which they found the frozen body of a young girl. The child was brutally murdered in front of her three younger siblings.

Forensic doctors revealed that the body had burns on the shoulders and feet and carried traces of torture, says a report. The father eventually confessed that he tortured her with hot water and beat her with an electrical wire for her negligence in the flat. He added that when he saw her deteriorating condition, he went down to a pharmacy and bought her medicines, but she passed away.

Further investigations revealed that the father and mother consumed drugs and that the father had been fired from work for showing up in an abnormal state. The parents were said to be extremely negligent in the upbringing of their children and their flat was disorganised and dirty. A statement issued by the interior ministry said that the father and his wife were on drugs at the time of the murder.

Continue reading for effective tips on disciplining your child the non-aggressive way!

Control your temper, not just your child

Salem and Amira clearly needed rigorous medical supervision, more than tips on being a gentle parent as theirs was a case of drugs overruling the senses. However, even in normal circumstances, as parents we are bound to lose our temper over issues that on hindsight seem silly. But then, how exactly do we get a grip on the temper, especially when the child is really testing your patience? From one parent to another, here are some effective tips on dealing with our temper whilst disciplining a child:

  1. Stop saying stop: The more you try to control them, the harder they fight back. Instead of stopping them from ruining the wall with their art-work, place an art-kit in front of them and ask them to make a special something for his friend or a favourite teacher. It’s a win-win! My daughter has a scrapbook full of her art-work and I have clean walls.
  2. Ask the right question: If your child is acting difficult and you can sense that your temper is about to flare up, take a deep breath and just wonder why he is doing whatever he is doing. He is probably hungry, tired, bored, in need of attention or in pain. Cater to his need instead of your anger.
  3. Empathise and then reason: Most often we tend to talk down with that little human who has pushed all possible buttons and made us mad. But pause and wonder, perhaps he just wants to be spoken to as an adult. Once I made my child believe that she too has a say in the scheme of things, the rebel-without-a-cause in her mellowed down.
  4. Plan your day; include leeways: Who doesn’t like plans being executed to perfection? But how often does it actually happen? Plan your day with a pinch of reality and a wedge of ‘worst-case-scenario’ in place. If we can make leeways for that sudden plan made by the spouse, then rescheduling your plan-of-action for your child is just fair.
  5. Take a walk: No, we really mean that! The moment you feel the temper rise in you, grab your jacket and head out for a walk. It’s pouring outside and a walk is out of question? Pace up and down your room. Remember that walking helps release the happy hormones – endorphins.

While your child may not magically start behaving himself, you definitely will be in a calmer state of mind as you face him in his meltdown moments.

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Republished with permission from: The Indus Parent

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