5 Super trendy hair colors for moms that are easy to pull off!

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Mom hair doesn't have to mean 'boring'. Take your pick from these five edgy new 'dos that are as trendy as they are flattering

Having fun with hair dyes isn’t a right reserved for teenagers. Have you ever seen someone sporting a cute bob in pastel hues, or a girl with long locks in vibrant shades and wondered if you could ever pull it off but never really had the guts to go for it?

Well, we’ve got some great news: ‘mom hair’ doesn’t have to be boring!

Here are five trendy and edgy mom-friendly hair colors to keep in mind the next time you visit the salon!

1. The Dip-dye

If you don’t really want to go all out just yet, the dip-dye trend may just be what the doctor ordered. Pick one to two vibrant shades and ask the stylist (or you can do it yourself!) to color just the bottom half of your hair. This works best for dark hair because it complements the striking colors perfectly.


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2. Ash Ombre

The ombre trend is alive and well. An Ash ombre is chic and trendy but subtle. Working moms will love this style because it still screams ‘professional’ but with a touch of sass.

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