Best ukay ukay finds: How to score the most sulit fashion items!

Best ukay ukay finds: How to score the most sulit fashion items!

Check out this guide for a lowdown on where to shop, how to haggle and how to get your money's worth when shopping in ukay ukay!

How to Score the Best Ukay-Ukay Finds

Are you a newbie to the ukay-ukay scene? Learn these tips to make your thrift store shopping a success.

Thrift store shopping, or what is more popularly known locally as ukay-ukay, has been in the country for ages. With a lot more ukay-ukay stores sprouting up all around the country these days, it does look like thrift store shopping will continue to be popular for a long time, what with people now becoming more frugal.

However, unlike your regular trips to the typical retail stores, there’s a different shopping strategy involved when shopping for ukay-ukay. In order to score the best deals, you have to know exactly how to find them. We’ve listed down some tips to help you do just that.

Learn Where to Shop

With so many available ukay-ukay stores, how does one know where to go? To be safe, you can always go to the more popular ones that have been around for a while now. There are such places in Bangkal, Makati and in Makati Cinema Square. You can also try the Anonas Mall in Kamias and stores in Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City, as well as Starmall in Las Pinas.

If you want to explore those outside Metro Manila, you can try the ukay-ukay stores in Tagaytay
or Baguio City. However, it also doesn’t hurt to try the smaller, less popular ones that may be located near you. You never know what you might find there as well.

Have a Shopping Goal

Shop with a purpose. It is best to have a budget in mind. Know exactly what you want or need to buy. Is it a dress for a cocktail party or a pair of jeans? Do you want a designer bag, maybe? A shopping goal is important because of two things: 1) to lessen the time that you have to spend in the store and 2) to make sure that you stick to your budget and not end up buying something that you don’t really need or want in the first place.

Be patient

Patience is truly a virtue especially in ukay-ukay shopping. Most of the time, you’d have to shop in places where there is no air conditioning. Be prepared to sweat. Also, you’d have to go through rows and rows or piles and piles of clothes before you actually find something worth buying.

When you finally find something you like, you also have to take the time to try on the items and check them for damage. Remember, these are used items you are looking at. Finding items with stains, holes or missing buttons is inevitable.

Try everything on

Always try on the items that you like because you don’t want to end up buying something you’re never going to use, no matter if you got them cheap. Remember, that there rarely are decent fitting rooms in ukay-ukay stores. So, make sure your shopping outfit makes it easy for you to try on clothes right there and then by the racks. For instance, try wearing a long skirt so you can fit in pants or shorts underneath.

Learn to Haggle

Sure, the items from these stores already come cheap. But who says you can’t make them cheaper still? Befriend the salesladies and ask nicely. They usually agree to discounts especially if you’re buying more than one item.

Ukay-ukay shopping, just like any other shopping adventure, can be a fun and thrilling experience. Just keep these tips in mind and be open-minded and resourceful. For sure, you’ll soon find the best ukay-ukay deals.

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