Groom gets shot; still shows up for wedding

Groom gets shot; still shows up for wedding

He had a bullet embedded in his shoulder, but still came back to get married after surgery.

Marriages are memorable moments where friends and family witness two loved ones tying the knot. However, some marriages are remembered for tragedies – like a helicopter crash, or even death of a fiance. Another recent incident among unusual marriages, though, shows that love can overcome even the most serious of injuries.

Unusual marriages: 25-year-old groom shot at wedding, returns hours later after surgery

On Wednesday, November 21, Indian police announced that a groom, who was shot by two men while traveling by chariot to his marriage ceremony in New Delhi, came back hours later following surgical treatment and took his vows.

His unknown attackers had hid among the wedding guests, who were dancing during a lavish street procession while the groom was on his way.

According to the police, the two men clambered on the horse-drawn carriage. They then shot the groom before escaping while everyone else panicked.

The bullet had injured the groom’s shoulder – he was immediately rushed to a hospital. There, doctors managed to stop the bleeding. However, they were unable to take out the bullet easily unless they operated on him.

unusual marriages

Unusual marriages: the groom was shot by 2 gunmen who hid themselves in the crowd, before coming up on his chariot. | Image Source: Stock Photo

After his wounds were dressed, the groom came back to his bride and continued with wedding rituals – in as little as three hours!

Vijay Kumar, one of Delhi’s deputy commissioner of police, said that the bullet was  still lodged in the middle of his shoulder bones during the ceremony.

The two gunmen are at large. Police are looking for them, but haven’t caught them yet.

Police have not confirmed the attacker’s reasons for shooting the groom. However, they did observe that it was a planned assault.

Not the first time

Several Indian cities have entered a wedding frenzy, with the traditional marriage season just starting off in the past week.

The 25-year-old’s bullet injury, though, isn’t the first case of a shooting in an Indian wedding.

For instance, in April, one groom died from a bullet injury during his wedding in Uttar Pradesh.

His death was recorded, showing the groom gripping his chest with his hands – and then falling ahead.



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