Single moms raise great kids, just look at Coney Reyes and Vico

Single moms raise great kids, just look at Coney Reyes and Vico

While we are impressed on how he gets the job done, we'd also like to commend Vico's mother for raising him well. And guess what, she is actually a single mom!

Lately, Mayor Vico Sotto is creating buzz on social media and it’s for all the right reasons. While we are impressed on how he gets the job done, we’d also like to commend Vico Sotto mother for raising him well. And guess what, she is actually a single mom!

Vico Sotto mother


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Coney Reyes is a veteran actress and a full-time mom. Aside from Vico, she has 2 more children whom she also raised by herself. It’s a known fact that Vico is the son of Vic Sotto, also a pioneer in the show business. Although they are in good terms, Coney ended things with Vic when Vico was just around a year old.

In one of her interviews, she admitted that the first few years of raising 3 kids alone was hard. She even had to give up some of her projects then to focus on raising her kids. The 65-year old actress also shared that at that time, one more thing that kept her going is her faith.

She said, “the first few years were hard. I was scared and would cry out to the Lord. How am I going to do this by myself? But in one of those moments of despair, the Lord gave me Isaiah 54:13—‘All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace’—and from then on, I felt His peace and confidence that all shall be well, no matter how difficult things may get.”

Coney on how to raise a good man


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Oftentimes, Coney would veer away from taking credit for whatever Vico is doing. But being the good son that he is, Mayor Vico would always say that a lot of what he knows now, he learned from his mom.

As a mother, Coney said that her role is to support her children and pray for them as they go along. She said that she is very happy and pleased that Vico grew up to be a good man. Her prayer, though, is that he keeps on pursuing God’s purpose for him and fulfill his calling.

For Coney, it’s important to trust your children and let them take their own steps. Your part is to root for them and cheer them up when needed.

But how exactly do you raise good kids?

Honestly, there’s no formula to it. You just have to give your best and trust that you are doing your part. But here are some helpful tips from Vico Sotto mother, herself!

1. Be a good role model

Set up a good example for them. As a single parent, they have no one else to look up to but you! They say it’s both a blessing and a curse, but just choose to live up to it!

2. Acknowledge that they, too, are growing up

You have to realize that they are growing up too. Aside from changing your parenting approach every now and then, you also have to be sensitive when it comes to their needs. It is also better if you let your child feel that he/she can be open to you. Don’t be afraid to show them affection because it is better to be showy about your feelings than grow distant with each other especially when they grow older.

3. Teach them to be responsible

This doesn’t mean you will neglect them. Teaching them to be responsible for themselves is a way of showing them that you trust them. According to Coney, “once they are adults, they are responsible for themselves. You just have to be rest assured that if you train your children in the way of the Lord, they will never depart from it.”

As a single parent, there’s so much weight on your shoulders. Yes, it will be hard most of the time. But seeing your kids grow up and live up to their potential? That’s a reward that no hardship can amount to! To all the single parents out there, we are proud of you and you are doing a great job!


SOURCE: PhilStar, ABS-CBN Push

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