Good news! Survey says that victims of crimes in the country are at an all time low

Good news! Survey says that victims of crimes in the country are at an all time low

According to the survey conducted by SWS, fewer Filipinos claimed that they were victims of crime during the last quarter of 2016.

The common crime victimization rate, or the number of people who fell victim to common crimes for the last quarter of 2016 has significantly dropped, according to an SWS survey.

The victims of street robbery also declined

The poll was conducted on 1,500 adults nationwide, and used face-to-face interviews.

The common crime victimization rate dropped to a low of just 4.9% during the last quarter of 2016, compared to 6.8% in September.

Additionally, the survey also found that the number of victims of street robbery has declined. It has been recorded at an all time low of 3.4% during the last quarter, compared to 4.6% back in September.

According to the SWS, the victimization of crimes that were reported in the study are usually higher than the cases reported to the police.

The country is indeed getting safer

While the survey can't exactly determine whether or not more and more Filipinos are actually safe, it's still very reassuring for parents to know that in spite of the things that we see on the news and read online, the country is indeed getting safer.

In spite of this news however, parents should still do all that they can in order to make sure that their children are safe, since it's always better to be prepared for anything that could happen instead of being caught off-guard.

Regardless, this news is a means for us Filipinos to always keep striving for our children's sake, and to keep hoping that there will be bigger and better things in store for us in the future.


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