Vision Express Kids provides eyewear exclusives for the younger set

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Vision Express Kids caters to the youngest batch of eyewear clientele, an exclusively kids-only store targeted for kids and teens until the age of 17.

For kids, eyewear shopping can be quite the chore—but for little humans with boundless energies for playtime, even choosing shades and spectacles have to be done in a child-friendly environment where they truly feel they belong.

Vision Express has been in the business of providing the best in eyewear for over 30 years, making it the biggest eyewear chain in Europe and a market leader in eyewear retail in the Philippines with over 45 stores nationwide. This year, Vision Express caters to the youngest batch of eyewear clientele with Vision Express Kids, an exclusively kids-only store targeted for kids and teens until the age of 17. 

Vision Express Kids opens at the third floor of Greenbelt 5, and brings exclusive eyewear brands no other optical has in their stores.

Vision Express Kids

Vision Express is the exclusive distributor of Ray-Ban in the Philippines, and with Vision Express Kids comes the launch of Ray-Ban Junior, featuring the brand’s heritage styles made for kids and teens. Ray-Ban Junior launches at Vision Express Kids with nine of its major styles: classic Aviator Junior, Blaze Aviator Junior, Wayfarer Junior, Wayfarer Round Junior, Round Junior, Blaze Round Double Junior, Clubmaster Junior, The General Junior and Chris Junior.

Iconic brand GUESS also releases its GUESS Kids eyewear line, featuring two spectacle models that will make eyewear-donning fun for kids: the Colorpop collection features thick-rimmed rectangular frames in dual colors, while the Eyecandy line features thin, lightweight models in various wide-framed shapes.

Vision Express Kids will also carry its in-house brand Tony Morgan, in styles and sizes perfect for children 17 and below.

Like the signature Vision Express Service, expect Vision Express Kids to offer the same perks for its youthful customers: apart from a wide variety of international eyewear brands, clients get to avail of a seven-step eye exam before purchasing their chosen pair, with the 2nd pair of eyewear always for free.


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