LOOK: Wally Bayola aka "Lola Nidora" celebrates apo's baptism

LOOK: Wally Bayola aka "Lola Nidora" celebrates apo's baptism

Comedian Wally Bayola is best known for his portrayal of meddlesome Lola Nidora in Eat Bulaga. But in real life, he is the super sweet lolo of baby Zafira. Most recently, Wally, along with his family, celebrated his apo's baptism. See their wacky and adorable pictures, here.

On-screen, he plays Yaya Dub's meddlesome Lola Nidora in Eat Bulaga's Juan for All, All for One. But in real life, Wally Bayola is a doting  and sweet grandfather, who loves to spend time with his apo, baby Zafira.

Zafira is the daughter of Wally's eldest child, Lyza and her husband CJay.

Most recently, Wally celebrated Zafira's baptism with the rest of his family and close friends. The event, which was held at the Le Reve Events Place in Quezon City, was personally organized by Zafira's loving parents.

Here are a few photos from the event:

The baptismal rites

Daddy Cjay draws a sign of the cross on Zafira's forehead.

Cjay and Liza look on with pride.

Liza and Cjay take a picture with the good priest.

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One big happy family

Wally smiles from ear-to-ear as he is surrounded by his family.

Goofy Wally, Liza, and Cjay play with the giveaway souvenirs.

Wally and the rest of the crew take some wacky photos.

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The proud parents

The proud parents pose with their darling Zafira.

Zafira is exhausted. Time to take a nap!

Zafira is a beauty in white.

Liza and Cjay take a moment for a couple's photo.

All about cakes and decors

The venue was awash with pastel colors and bright paper flowers. And what a delectable spread at the dessert bar!

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