LOOK: Stylish mom Beauty Gonzalez travels to 9 countries with baby Olivia

LOOK: Stylish mom Beauty Gonzalez travels to 9 countries with baby Olivia

Her baby Olivia just turned a year old, but she's already visited 5 continents! Want to travel in style with your baby? Take your cue from Beauty Gonzalez

Newly engaged actress Beauty Gonzalez is loving being a mom to her 1-year-old baby girl Olivia. But being smitten with her little one hasn't caused her to forget her other love: travelling.

Who said travelling with a baby was stressful? Beauty makes it look so easy. When asked what her secret is, she told PEP: "Just relax. Huwag silang mag-panic, kasi kung nagpa-panic ka, yung baby mo, mapi-feel niya yung panic mo, magiging problema yun."

As for her top travel tip for moms? "Bring portable and durable stroller."
Here are some highlights from the stylish mom's adventures with her baby and soon-to-be hubby.


Donning traditional saris, the stunning mom took in the culture of this ancient city in South Asia.

Hong Kong

Shortly after Olivia was baptized, the couple took her to the Happiest Place on Earth.


Olivia was a half a year old when Beauty and Norman took her to Morocco.


Olivia was all-smiles as she and mommy Beauty looked cute in complementing colorful OOTDs.

More of Beauty and Olivia's stylish adventures on the next page!


After Portugal, they travelled to neighboring Spain, where they visited the gorgeous cities of Seville, Alhambra, and Madrid.


The Land of the Rising Sun was quite chilly when they explored the streets of Tokyo!


They spent Olivia's first Halloween in warm and vibrant Mexico city!


They stayed in a charming cottage in the Atacama desert.


The travelphile mom considers seeing the Macchu Pichu a "dream come true".

Throughout their travels, Olivia seemed like an easygoing kid, often smiling and giggling, particularly when her daddy Norman carried her down the sand slopes of Peru.

We can't wait to see where the trio will be off to next!

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