Wanted nanny: Yaya caught on CCTV hurting baby

Wanted nanny: Yaya caught on CCTV hurting baby

Taken off of a Public Facebook post, this wanted nanny was caught on video footage abusing the child she was supposed to be taking care of.


The original post taken from Melody Tanjimenez’s Facebook page.

As a parent, it’s not uncommon for you to be protective of your child. You’d do anything to keep them safe and so when they do get hurt, you get a sinking feeling in your stomach. Such was the case of Melody Tanjimenez when she saw video footage of her baby’s former yaya hurting her. Reposted with permission, this is what Melody shared about her baby’s former nanny, “Nora Bercarce.”

Her name is Nora Bercarce. We hired her through maidprovider.ph last January 2015 as yaya for our newborn baby. It is our usual practice that we leave her at the room with the baby alone, while we take our meals. But today, after having dinner, we were surprised to see a scar on my baby’s forehead. Since we have cctv in our house, we decided to review the footage. That’s when we saw the horrible thing. She repeatedly poked my baby’s face, forcefully grabbing her arms and wagging her body. My baby is only 1 month old! She also ocassionally glances at the door to see if someone is coming as if she’s afraid to get caught. So now i know -that’s why my baby always cries when i leave her with yaya. I was talking to our maid who has been with us for a long time. She said she saw yaya spanking the baby several times during mornings while we are still sleeping. She also told the maid to keep mum or else “mag iimbento ako ng storya para paalisin ka nila”. ton will be reviewing the cctv footages and see what else she has done. I refuse to watch as its too painful for me. we have been nothing but nice to her and i dont understand why she can do those things. We will try to extract the footages and will also file legal charges against her. But for now, please feel free to share this post and let others be warned.

Post republished with permission courtesy of Melody Tanjimenez.

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