Watch: Reckless jeepney driver hits traffic enforcer in Pasig City

Watch: Reckless jeepney driver hits traffic enforcer in Pasig City

The shocking footage shows a jeepney hitting a traffic enforcer while the latter was directing traffic in a busy intersection in Pasig.

James Deakin, a popular motoring journalist and social media personality has posted CCTV footage of a reckless jeepney driver hitting a traffic enforcer in a busy intersection.

He didn't have any time to react

At the start of the video, everything seems relatively normal, as the enforcer was directing traffic in the busy intersection. At around the 10 second mark, you can see a jeepney moving quickly from the third lane.

The jeepney was trying to make a sharp turn, and hit the traffic enforcer while it was making the turn. The jeepney hit the enforcer with so much force that he was thrown off by a few feet.

Thankfully, the jeepney driver immediately stopped when he hit the enforcer, and quickly went out of the jeepney to assist. There was also another enforcer nearby who quickly helped his fellow enforcer get up.

Watch the shocking video below:

Netizens immediately reacted to the video

Netizens immediately reacted to the shocking video and called for reforms regarding traffic laws, as well as stricter measures for drivers of PUVs.

All of them were unanimous in saying that drivers, regardless of whether they drive PUVs or private vehicles, should be more wary and careful whenever they drive, in order to avoid accidents.

The video just showcases one of many instances wherein reckless and irresponsible drivers have caused accidents towards pedestrians, commuters, and even other drivers. It also highlights the importance of always being aware of your surroundings and being a responsible driver.

Road safety for kids

Traffic injuries are at an all time high. Additionally, traffic collisions are the leading cause of death among children who are aged 5-19. That's why parents need to always make sure that their children are always safe, especially if they're commuting, or if they're walking home.

Road safety isn't just about looking both ways before crossing the road, it also means being advocates of laws that promote child safety. These include seatbelt and child safety seat laws, additional road signs, as well as building structures such as footbridges in order to make things safer for pedestrians.

It's just as important for us to always be careful whenever we're driving. Using cellphones, or talking to someone on the phone while driving can distract us and can potentially be a huge risk for other people. Drunk driving is also a big problem, as driving under the influence not only endangers the drunk driver, but also everyone around them.

At the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to road safety in general would be common sense. Always follow the road signs, and never ever do anything that might risk you or other people's lives.


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