Watch: Scarlet Snow praying for her mom, her dad, and her nanny!

Watch: Scarlet Snow praying for her mom, her dad, and her nanny!

Scarlet Snow is at it again! This time, the adorable tot can be seen praying for both of her parents' safety, as well as for the health of her yaya!

Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's daughter Scarlet Snow is most definitely one of the most precocious celebrity kids you'll see!

From wearing her super cute costumes to traveling in Paris, Scarlet has definitely won our hearts with her cuteness!

This time, a video of Scarlet praying for her parents and her nanny was uploaded to her Instagram account. And she's just as adorable as usual!

Scarlet Snow prays for her mom, her dad, and her nanny!

In the video, Scarlet prays for her nanny, Yaya Adith as well as both of her parents, who will be leaving soon.

Scarlet also prayed for protection from all of the "scary monsters," especially for her nanny.

Check out the Instagram post below:

Parents should teach their kids to pray

For parents who want to teach their kids to learn to pray regularly, and make prayer a part of their daily life, here are six simple tips to remember:

1. Start them young

There's really no "best" time to teach your kids to pray. However, a good idea is to teach them as soon as they are able to understand the meaning of prayer and why it's important.

2. Tell them that it's a conversation with God

Sometimes, kids might feel intimidated whenever they have to pray. A good way of making sure that your child is comfortable with praying is to tell them that it's a way for them to have a conversation with God. That way, they feel at ease and they will be more open to God whenever they're praying.

3. Set a good example

A good way of making sure your child develops a habit of praying would be to often pray yourself. Pray before meals, after waking up, before going to bed, etc. This would show your child that you're also making prayer a part of your daily life.

4. Make it age-appropriate

For younger kids, prayer can be as simple as thanking God for the blessings he gives. For older kids, you can tell them that they can ask forgiveness from their sins, or that they can pray in order to help them overcome their problems in life.

5. Don't make them feel embarrassed

Sometimes, kids can feel shy or embarrassed when they're asked to pray out loud. Don't make them feel that it's a chore, or that it's something to be scared about. Let them be honest and free when it comes to sharing their thoughts through prayer.

It's also important to not force your children to pray, as this can have a negative impact on them.

6. Support them

Let your child know that God is listening, and that whenever they pray, it's a way for them to get closer with the Lord. Prayers are personal, so make your child understand that God will be listening to them, and that prayer can definitely help, especially when it comes to dealing with problems and hurdles in life.


Sources: Instagram, Thought Co.

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