23 Simple ways for moms to bond with their baby

23 Simple ways for moms to bond with their baby

Hey, Mommies! Check out these fun, easy ways for you to grow closer to your baby!

New moms are always looking for new or different ways to bond with their newborns. While you may think you've heard it all before, there's a strong possibility that this list can help you discover some insightful, fun, or interesting ways to strengthen your bond with your newborn!

From kangaroo care to silly faces, and intent eye contact, these are some of the best ways for new mommies to bond with their infants!

Check out the list and let us know if you have additional suggestions for growing closer to your newborn:

1. Breastfeeding

If you're able to breastfeed, the benefits more than speak for themselves. It sounds like the most basic way to bond with your baby--and for the most part it is--but it goes far beyond nutrition. Breastfeeding gives you little one a chance to snuggle up to you, hear your heartbeat, and even embrace your scent.


2. Eye contact

Especially when feeding and/or bottle time. This gives baby a chance to remember you and know what they meant to you.

ways for moms to bond with their baby

3. Gentle massage

Not only does a gentle, well-executed massage soothe your baby, but it can also induce some adorable giggles and smiles!


4. Put that cellphone away!

Nothing is more impersonal than hanging out with someone while you're constantly on your phone! The same goes for your baby. Put the phone down and spend some quality time with your little one.


5. Looking into the mirror

babies may not understand the concept of a reflection, so spending time looking in the mirror is sure to indulge their curiosity, intrigue and bring out a few laughs!

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6. Listen to their heartbeat

Like music to a mother's ear! Just as exciting as the first time you heard their heartbeat via sonogram.


7. Sleep when he sleeps

What better way to grow closer to someone than to be on the exact same schedule as each other? Try it out!


8. Don't stress over milestones

Development varies for each baby so there's no need to add any stress to you and your relationship with your baby as you anxiously await the next milestone. Don't overthink anything and just sit back and let your baby develop at his own rate.

ways for moms to bond with their baby

9. Skin-to-skin

Physical contact is among one of the best ways to grow a closer, stronger relationship. Kangaroo care, as it's also called, is a sweet—and practical—activity since it helps regulate baby's breathing and heart rate.


10. Respond to cries

Despite what you may think, reacting to your infant's cries won't spoil them! So go ahead, new mommies! React to your baby's cries and pick them up as you please.


11. Sniff, sniff, sniff

Babies have a very unique smell. Most mommies love it! Try taking the time to embrace your baby's special scent!

Want to find out new and exciting ways to bond with your baby? Check out the rest of the list! Click next to read on!

12. Dress-up

It's not only adorable to dress your baby up in cute, or fashionable outfits...it's a great way to bond with your baby. Go on, moms. Put on your own little baby fashion show.


13. Play with stuffed toys

Stuffed toys are soft, furry, and playful. That means they're perfect for playtime with your baby! Bring out his favorites and make a playdate with your little one.


14. Read him stories

Play dates are fun, sure. But sometimes sitting down and reading your baby a cute little book can be a great way to bond. Try making silly voices to engage their interest and bring about some giggles!

ways for moms to bond with their baby

15. Set a special schedule

Babies are creatures of habits. Use that to your advantage! It'll help them feel more at ease, and more regulated.


16. "Mommy-and-me" dates

Otherwise known as mommy and baby's day out, is there any better way to spend some quality time with your baby? You can plan just about anything under the sun, just make sure the day is all about spending time with your special little one.


17. Incorporate cute little pet names

Moms usually have an adorably innate ability to come up with cute pet names for their bundles of joy. Try out as many cutesy names for your little ones!


18. Create a "baby-and-me" playlist

Sharing a favorite song with a friend is great way to bond, if you share a favorite playlist...well that's just magical. Try making a playlist with your baby that he and you will both enjoy! Then sing along and grow closer together.


Want to find out new and exciting ways to bond with your baby? Check out the rest of the list! Click next to read on!

19. Bond over food/feeding time

When you eat with a friend or with your family, you're always building upon a relationship. If you can bond over feeding time, or while you eat, the same rule applies!


20. Let loose and get silly!

Sometimes you've just gotta get silly! Your baby will benefit from a little playful silliness. Bust out the goofy voice and funny face and let loose, Mommy!

ways for moms to bond with their baby

21. Talk to him when you're stressed

The early stages of motherhood can be a bit overwhelming. So, needless to say you're going to need to vent. If you take the time to talk to your baby, you won't just get a lot off of your mind, you'll actually be reducing your stress levels! Give it a go the next time you're not feeling your coolest.


22. Embrace diaper duty

It may be called "dirty work" but that doesn't mean you can't take pride and joy in it! Believe it or not, it's a great time and place to bond with your baby.


23. Kiss like there's no tomorrow

A mother's kiss can be magical thing for a baby! Give your baby as many smooches as possible, because when he's older, he may not want mommy's kisses as much!


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