Father uses sex toy to put his baby to sleep!

Father uses sex toy to put his baby to sleep!

You'll never guess what helped put this newborn to sleep!

I can bet you every first-time parent's top search on Google would most definitely be ways to calm a fussy newborn. They will look for tips, tricks, advice, ANYTHING to have a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep for the new parents!

Most parents would try rocking their babies, using sleep aids and other methods. But one mom recently shared a picture of her newborn sleeping peacefully next to an item you least expect!

The Gold Coast mom, who has an immense sense of humor, captioned her post with "When husband puts the baby to bed" with #normalizenapping on her Instagram blog called Attempting To Mum.

Accompanying her post was a picture of her cute bubs sleeping next to a shocking pink, um... unconventional sleeping aid.

Unconventional Ways to Calm a Fussy Newborn: A Vibrator?

While most would raise their eyebrows that — OMG what a huge sex toy! — some parents might actually consider giving this a go. But clearly, this is one of the ways to calm a fussy newborn that actually works!

Laura first thought her husband was kidding when he told her what he had used to get their baby to sleep. She explains that the idea popped up when her husband thought it would be easier if the bassinet was constantly vibrating, instead of him standing there to keep rocking it.

The genius father noticed that baby Lucie often falls asleep in the car and thought it was a really great idea.

Despite them using unconventional ways to calm a fussy newborn, Laura reports that it works "surprisingly well!" Lucie slept for a few hours the first time and it even helped her to settle back to sleep all on her own after waking up mid-nap.

Ways to Calm a Fussy Newborn: Why Vibrators... er... Vibrations Work

ways to calm a fussy newborn

It's pretty simple really. Any repetitive, rhythmic motion replicates being in the mother's womb when she is walking or riding in a car.

This is the same reason why rocking is also one of the ways to calm a fussy newborn and put them to sleep.

Newborns respond to vibrations in the same way they respond to hearing their mom's heartbeat in the womb. Newborns also experience an automatic calming reaction when they are being carried. It is like a soothing sensation that helps a baby to relax almost immediately. There's even a study on how gentle vibration therapy can alleviate apnea in preterm infants.

Of course, many of you would say okay, so why use a sex toy instead of a proper vibrating mat or bed as a sleep aid? Their answer was simple: "It's not like it's being used for anything else."

While we totally understand why it wouldn't be used often after having four kids, what if the other children see it and what if there are questions!? Okay, we won't judge. If parents want more unconventional ways to calm a fussy baby, don't say we didn't warn you. You know how inquisitive kids can be!

While there are many ways to calm a fussy newborn, parents need to be mindful when using these sleeping aids. There is a very high chance your baby might become dependent on sleeping aids to fall asleep. While it might be your saving grace for uninterrupted sleep, these sleeping aids are not meant to be used forever.


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Lead and feature picture courtesy of Attempting To Mum

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