What can we teach our kids about the Holy Week?

What can we teach our kids about the Holy Week?

Holy Week is coming up soon, and now is a great time to teach your kids why we celebrate Holy Week, and why it's important!

These days, whenever people hear the words Holy Week, they automatically think of a wonderful vacation, or they think of the fact that they're going to have a long weekend.

However, have we ever stopped to think about the real meaning of the Holy Week?

The important thing would be knowing why we're celebrating Holy Week

The Holy Week started as a celebration of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us. Back in the olden days, people religiously followed strict rules when it comes to fasting, as well as the things that you can and can't do during the Holy Week.

As the times have changed, some of these beliefs have become outdated, as some people choose not to fast during the Holy Week, while others still choose to stand by their old traditions. Now, whether or not you choose to follow tradition, or have new beliefs, as Christians and Catholics, the most important thing would be to know why we're celebrating Holy Week.

Christ is the most important part of Holy Week

Teaching your kids about Holy Week, and Christ's significance is very important, as he's the entire reason why we're here! He sacrificed himself so that our sins may be forgiven, and while the entire story of Holy Week might not be family friendly, children need to know just how big of a sacrifice Jesus Christ made.

Sharing the story of Christ's selflessness also helps our kids to follow in his footsteps; spreading love, compassion, and caring about other people's welfare first before their own. A lot of people nowadays tend to forget just how important it is to care for other people, which is why it's vital that our kids learn this important lesson.

How can we teach our kids about Holy Week?

The best way of teaching kids about Holy Week would be through the Bible. The Bible has a lot of stories that you can tell your children, and it's also a way for you to bond as a family. You can even invite some of your relatives, so that you can take turns telling Bible stories.

Another great way to celebrate Holy Week would be to share your stories of faith, and how Christ played an important role in your life, especially during times that you felt down or sad. These stories can inspire children to follow in Christ's footsteps, and become loving and compassionate human beings that care for one another.

Either way, the most important thing is to bring back the importance of Christ in our Holy Week Celebrations.

Source: umc.org

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