What is "New Old-Fashioned Parenting," and would it work for your kids?

"New Old-Fashioned Parenting" is a modern way of approaching traditional styles of parenting, that tries to find balance between the old and the new.

These days, you see a lot of different methods when it comes to parenting. Some suggest being strict with your kids, and making sure that they have structure in their lives.

Others are proponents of letting their kids be free to do their own thing, and to do as little meddling as possible.

With the conflicting themes of both parenting styles, what's a new parent to do? Well, there is a thing called "New Old-Fashioned Parenting," and it might just suit your needs perfectly.

A mix of both old and new

"New Old-Fashioned Parenting" was developed by Liat Hughes Joshi, a journalist and an author who was looking for a way to reconcile traditional parenting, with more modern methods that have been developed with insights into a child's mind.

It's about expecting your children to behave a certain way, yet still have realistic expectations of their behavior. An example would be if your child is getting antsy since you've been waiting at the airport for hours because your flight is delayed. You should teach your child to be patient, but you also need to understand that since they're children, it's easy for them to get frustrated.

It's all about finding a right mix between traditional and modern parenting.

Another way would be to listen to your children if they have something to say. Listening to your child lets you learn more about how they feel about certain things, and gives you an insight into their feelings.

However, you can't just let your child dictate what they want to do, since at the end of the day, you're the parent, and you have more experience than your child.

Being a "New Old-Fashioned Parent" means you don't immediately give in to what your child wants, but it doesn't mean that you never listen to what they're trying to say.

It helps prepare your child for adulthood

At the crux of it all, this parenting style helps prepare your child for life when they're already grown up. It teaches them that they can't always get what they want, and sometimes they have to keep their head down and go with the flow.

However, it also teaches them that if they feel strongly about something, they should fight for it, and not let other people bring them down for choosing to do what they feel is right.

It incorporates a 'best of both worlds' approach that most parenting styles don't have. If you want to know more about this parenting style, you can learn more by reading Joshi's book.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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