Which career suits your little one?

Which career suits your little one?

PROMIL® FOUR officially launched its Talent Development Center establishment at KidZania Manila. Now, moms can discover and nurture their child's talent!

Discover Your Child's Future Career!

PROMIL® FOUR’s Talent Development Center is designed to help moms determine what “jobs” fit their kids’ interests and talents as they take The Spot the Gift test alongside their kids at the establishment. The test requires them to answer personality-based questions. Completing the whole survey will help parents discover their child’s unique gifts that unleash their full potential.

“PROMIL®’s philosophy has always been to instill the importance of not only proper nutrition, but also of proper parenting and stimulation to support a child’s proper growth and mental development,” said Jocelyn Lacida, Wyeth Nutrition Marketing Director for Premium. “With the opening of PROMIL® FOUR’s Talent Development Center, we actively involve parents in nurturing their children's gifts and talents.”

Which Of These Can You Spot On Your Kiddo

eight gifts that you can spot and nurture

KidZania Manila is Perfect For Unleashing Your Child's Potential

KidZania Manila has over 90 role-playing activities. Here, children can explore the mini-metropolis and try the recommended jobs for themselves based on their test results. They can visit PROMIL® FOUR’s partner establishments, including National Book Store’s Bookstore & Art Studio, Star Magic’s Acting Academy and Star Music’s Music Studio.

The Spot the Gift test will allow parents to know if their children have the gift and inclination for music, bodily-kinesthetics, spatial relations, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical abilities. 

"We believe in inspiring children to use their unique talents and creativity to help create a better world. PROMIL® FOUR’s advocacy is in line with our mission to empower this very same generation of children – our future thinkers, innovators, and leaders – who will shape that vision of a better world and bring it to life,” said Canoy.

PROMIL® FOUR’s Talent Development Center Partners With Parents All Over The Philippines

“The Talent Development Center is a way to help parents discover their child’s interests. With the guidance of their parents, the goal is to make every child nurture their gifts and keep them motivated through activities that will help them bring out the best in them.,” added Lacida. “We acknowledge the need to help them discover and nurture these gifts to transform them into excellent individuals in the future. We trust that our partnership with KidZania Manila will help us fulfill this advocacy.”

PROMIL® FOUR has NUTRISSENTIALS® which are the essential and important nutrients. These are expertly-designed to support your child’s proper growth and mental development to nurture the gift. Together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. 

PROMIL® FOUR is for children in age 3 and above. Not suitable for use as a breastmilk substitute.

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