Why baby's clothes should go green

Why baby's clothes should go green

Organic…baby clothes? See four good reasons why you should consider green babywear.

As moms, when we watch the latest environmental distaster on the news, we start to worry about the kind of world we’re leaving our children. Our grandparents will tell us that back in the day, you’d be laughed at if you tried to sell bottled water. So now we wonder, will our kids be buying bottled AIR when they’re adults?

It’s never too early to get our kids thinking green. We know about cloth diapers, organic food, and natural cleansing products – but what about baby’s clothes? Here are 4 reasons to consider this option from Enfant Green Baby:

1. Choose your fabric right, and baby will be REALLY comfy in environment-friendly threads

100% cotton ensures “fluffy softness” as when the fiber undergoes adequate spinning, the process lets air permeate through the material, making it soft and lightweight.

A great alternative to the usual fabrics is bamboo cotton fiber, which is featured in the Enfant Bambies line. The fiber has micro-gaps allowing for quick and effective heat transfer, making baby dry and comfy in this highly humid climate.

2. Bamboo, a sustainable fiber, is naturally anti-bacterial too!

Did you know that bamboo is actually grass? It grows pretty quickly so that’s a definite check for sustainability. Plus, having natural anti-bacterial properties means it fights both bacteria and its growth, effectively battling unpleasant odors that stick to baby’s clothing. (And who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling baby?!)

3. It’s 100% safe since there’s nothing artificial in the production process

Hooray for not having to worry about harmful dyes or strong chemicals touching baby’s sensitive skin! For Enfant’s 100% Organic Cotton line, cotton cultivation is pesticide-free and doesn’t employ the use of chemical fertilizers. Even in the dyeing and printing processes, organic color is used.

4. You’re part of the solution, not the problem

When harmful chemicals aren’t being used, the soil, water, and general environment that the raw materials are being grown in stay in good condition for future planting. Supporting green industries is a small but significant step in ensuring a better world for our children.

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