Wife's Lover is Husband's Kidney Donor

Wife's Lover is Husband's Kidney Donor

How would you feel if the man who gave you a new lease in life was also your wife's lover? Find out what happened when a man discovered his kidney donor was also his wife's lover here...

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Wife’s lover saves husband’s life

Wife’s Lover is Husband’s Kidney Donor

What would you do if the man who gave you a new lease in life was the same man who’d taken your wife away from you? A Singaporean businessman found out that the man who gave him his new kidney was actually his wife’s lover. To make things worse, one of his kids turns out to be his kidney donor-wife’s lover’s child.

This man was undergoing dialysis in 2007 when his wife told him that a friend of a friend is willing to donate a kidney to him. The businessman was so touched by the gesture only to be shocked two months later when his wife admitted that the kidney donor was actually her lover and the father of one of their kids. The wife is said to still be on good terms with her lover.

How would you feel if you were in this man’s situation? Would you reconcile with your wife? Would you confront your wife’s lover? What do you think prompted the wife’s lover to donate his kidney? Share your views with us in the comments below!


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