“Have it all!” Women empowerment expo for modern moms launched in auto show

“Have it all!” Women empowerment expo for modern moms launched in auto show

Chicdriven gives a new spin on the cars + women stereotype: empowerment.

Today’s mom is busier than ever. Juggling demands at home and in the workplace (even in cyberspace!) while maintaining healthy relationships with her friends, family, husband, plus herself, it’s no wonder this wonder woman is exhausted.

What keeps her going day after hectic day? The women behind Chicdriven say, it’s her drive for life. Today’s mobile moms are out to prove that we can have it all.

What started as a blog and hit broadsheet column has spun into a full-blown expo focusing on women empowerment. On its second run, Chicdriven Expo aims to cover different vital aspects in a modern mom’s life across its three legs:

  • MOBILITY: road safety, travel, defensive driving, and the latest technology
  • BALANCE: career, health, life coaching, work-life balance, time management, self-improvement, living an active lifestyle
  • NURTURE: home improvement, motherhood and parenting, advocacies and community development

The first of the series was held at the recent Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). Not the event you’d expect to see a women empowerment expo launched in, but the ladies of Chicdriven ask, “Why not?!”


Co-founder Issa Litton with expo guests

This is precisely their message to modern moms… whether it comes to family, career, and every other aspect of life: We can do and have it all!

Guests were treated to demos, seminars, games, and lots of freebies, in a program hosted by women who have it all, Gretchen Ho, Sam Oh, and Denise Laurel.


Co-host Gretchen Ho gamely participating in the day’s challenges!

The next leg of the Chicdriven Empowerment Expo, BALANCE, will be held at the Glorietta Activity Center from July 16-17, 2016. Seminars on financial wellness, health, and self-improvement will be staged, as well as fashion & beauty workshops.

The third and final leg of the series, NURTURE, will focus on home and community with talks and workshops on parenting, home improvement, healthy living, and community development. This will be held at the Alabang Town Center from October 1-2, 2016.

For more information, visit chicdriven.com; follow @chicdriven on Instagram and Twitter or like Chicdriven on Facebook.

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