Working mom gets top 8 in 2017 bar exams!

Working mom gets top 8 in 2017 bar exams!

Being a working mom definitely didn't stop Krizza Fe Alcantara-Bagni from reaching her goal of becoming a lawyer, let alone being in the top 10!

Soon after she gave birth, working mom Krizza Fe Alcantara-Bagni decided to enroll in law school at St. Mary's University in Nueva Vizcaya. It might have been a hard decision for her to do at the time, but after the results of the recent bar examinations, it was all worth it!

It's not easy being a working mom and a law student

As a mom and a law student, Krizza had struggled to find a way to balance both her job, her school, and her role as a mom.

She added that her pregnancy almost got in the way of her dreams, but her supportive husband pushed her to go through with her plan of becoming a lawyer.

While she was studying, Krizza had to leave the house at 7am, work as a teacher in the morning, and attend her law classes in the afternoon.

"Paminsan, may klase at may break time, uuwi ako para makasama ang baby ko. Kakaunti ang time ko para sa anak ko."

"Kahit minsan gusto ko nang tumigil, pinu-push ko na lang sarili ko," she shared.

It was even more difficult for Krizza when she had to leave for Manila in order to review for the bar exam. Because it meant that she would not have any time for her family, which meant that she had less time to spend with her child.

And of course, Krizza's hard work finally paid off in the end.

It was all worth it in the end

Krizza could hardly believe it when the exam results were posted, and she was part of the top 10.

She said that the feeling still hasn't sunk in, and she feels overwhelmed by the results.

According to Krizza, she never imagined that she would place top 8 in the bar exams, especially since she was only hoping to pass.

What's next for Krizza? Aside from finally being able to spend more time with her family, she hopes to practice her profession soon.



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