Toddler development: Your 31-month-old

Toddler development: Your 31-month-old

Picky eating, shyness, and a blossoming imagination are common characteristics of your 31-month-old. Get to know your toddler more, below!

Your toddler is well into the terrible twos and, much to your relief, it hasn’t been all that bad. And when it comes to 31 month old toddler development, there are key milestones that show how your child’s personality is taking shape.

Physically, one of the most apparent motor skills they develop at this age is being able to run with ease and jump off one step.

But there’s more to their development then just physical growth and movement!

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the key milestones to expect from your 31-month-old!

Cognitive Development 

As your 31-month-old’s fine motor skills start to blossom, so too does their ability to recognize certain shapes. By now, they should be able to spot a circle and cross, and they can also draw these shapes.

They also might start to ask difficult questions like, “Where do babies come from?” When this happens, try to be patient with them and keep things simple and straightforward. It is up to you how to answer these tricky questions.

The important thing is to be appreciative of your child’s increasingly inquisitive mind. Nurture their learning by welcoming every question with understanding and patience.

Social and Emotional Development

They might be a bit shy, but this will all pass — especially now that you can now enlist them in preschool-like activities, like storytelling classes or a kid’s gyms. As they become more socialized, they can find more opportunities to come out of their shell.

The important thing is to give them space and guidance.

Don’t worry if they experience fears at night. Soothe them by hearing them out without invalidating their feelings.

31 month old toddler development

When it comes to 31 month old toddler development, there are a lot of fun milestones parents can look forward to — like a child’s growing vocabulary and confidence! | Image courtesy: Dreamstime

Speech and Language

At this stage of their development, kids are being more assertive, saying “no” with gusto, and starting to communicate with their peers.

At this age, they’re likely to be more creative, confident, and chatty. This includes lying. Though they might fib or tell white lies, it’s more because of animated thinking and not an intentional omission.

As they near their third birthday, their vocabulary is constantly improving. They’re also increasingly curious. Humor them and engage them in conversation. This will not only stimulate their communication skills, but their ability to reason as well.

Health and Nutrition

At this age, your little one might become something of a picky eater. Be patient with your tot as they learn about what tastes appeal to them.

Help them along by providing lots of healthy food choices, while minimizing distractions.

At this age, toddlers require three ounces of whole grains, one cup of fruits and veggies, two cups of milk, and two ounces of meat and beans.

Tips for Parents

Nurture their vocabulary by reading to them. At this age, babies can string words together to form sentences!

Playing make-believe games is their idea of fun. Not only is this a great way to play, it’s a way for them to be more self-aware and socially engaged.

In the same way that they use make-believe to test and explore possibilities, they can also become receptive to rules set by mom and dad. As such, they’re familiar with how things are done, like daily routines, and set patterns of household activities.

Take things one at a time and don’t pile on activities onto your child’s day. Give them some opportunities to make decisions, like what to wear or where to keep  toys.

Your kids can now transition from crib to bed, but there might be some struggle. Don’t make a fuss or coddle them too much by leaving the lights on.

It might take time before they choose not to get up during the night to snuggle up between mom and dad, but cherish these moments all the same!


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