5 Benefits of baking with your kids

5 Benefits of baking with your kids

Looking for a new activity to try with your restless kids at home? Find out why baking is both a worthwhile and learning experience for them!

Kids in the kitchen can be a handful. With all the things that could spill and the sharp objects lying around, you may not feel like it’s the best idea to have them there. But have you thought of fun baking with toddlers?

But many would say that baking as a family is one of the fondest memories of their childhood. The act of working together to create something tasty that you can enjoy together, is a great bonding activity for families. And while it may take some time and a lot of cleanup, you realize that these all are part of the fun!

Here are some things too that they’ll learn along the way.

The value of hard work

The beauty of baking with your kids is that you involve them in the process of creating something. Before your kids can indulge in those gooey fudge brownies, they must first measure and mix.

Easy-bake products can be a good place to start – they usually have simple recipes for your kids to learn. After they do the job of putting together the ingredients, they practice patience by waiting for the goods to bake and cool down, ready for snacking.

Practical math 

Since hands-on learning is valuable, kids can pick up a thing or two about math from making delicious baked goods. Littler ones will learn simple math by counting and measuring accurately.

When you’re making a recipe for 5 people, but you have 15 people to feed, bigger kids can learn to multiply with fractions. You’ll find that kids are more willing to work with numbers if there’s a treat waiting for them as a reward!

Following directions

Baking is a matter of chemistry, and so it requires precision. An extra a quarter of yeast or water can drastically change the outcome of what you’re making. Even just the order of ingredients being mixed in and the direction of your mixing can alter the chewiness of your cookies.

Kids might not get it right the first time or all the time, but baking teaching them to learn from their mistakes and from enough practice.


Delegate tasks to kids when in the kitchen and they’ll learn about responsibility. Even if it’s something as simple as beating eggs or pouring in the pre-measured flour, trusting your child to do a task instills confidence in them.

Remind them that after all the fun, comes the cleanup. They can enjoy their tasty treat as a reward after all tools have been washed and kept away.

Family bonding

Of course, baking has been a family past time for many generations because of the bond it brings. Instead of going out to grab a bite, make your own food and involve everyone in the process. Working together to create something you’ll all enjoy is an unbeatable recipe for fun, family moments.


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