5 Things that a debit card can do for your family!

5 Things that a debit card can do for your family!

Everyday spending made easy and convenient. See what your debit card can do for you and the family today. Brought to you by BDO.

Mummies, we’re sure you will agree with us that one of the things we always look for as parents are ways for us to be more efficient with our time. Time is really precious commodity because we only have 24 hours in a day and as much as possible, we want to spend every second of it with our loved ones, especially the little ones.

That’s why every second is valuable. Even if we save just a few minutes, it counts. And one of the ways mummies have been saving time in recent days is by using a debit card.

You might be wondering what exactly do we mean by that? Well, one scenario we’re sure you can relate to is being at the supermarket to buy groceries and when it comes to paying the cashier for your purchases, you have to spend time fumbling in your handbag or your pockets for the right amount or worse, you realize you're short on cash and you need to leave the counter to withdraw. You can avoid such hassle by using your debit card, it is so much easier and convenient to pay for your everyday needs, essentially saving you time and effort!

From paying your bills to eating out to booking your next holiday, no need to use cash for these day-to-day transactions. Using a debit card is one of the best options to manage your family finances well without going overboard.

Aside from all of those conveniences, here are 5 MORE things that a debit card can do for your family:

1. Make day-to-day shopping SO much easier

5 Things that a debit card can do for your family!

Do you need to get more diapers? Milk powder? Toilet paper? Whatever it is you need to get, you can buy most of your groceries, household products and hygiene goods online. No more waiting in queues at the supermarket or having to deal with crowded shopping malls. What's more... your child can’t walk past a toy store and insist you get them a new toy every single time!

2. Give you and the family extra security

debit card for the family

Carrying a hefty amount of cash on hand can be pretty dangerous and it is easy to lose track of how much you’ve already spent when you use cash to pay for everything. By carrying around a debit card, you are reducing the risk of losing the cash. And with the advanced EMV chip technology, your account is better protected and safe from any unauthorized use.

3. Take your family on an exciting adventure without hassle

5 Things that a debit card can do for your family!

Whether it is a getaway to a local island or a trip to Disneyland, your debit card could also be the gateway to your next holiday with the family. From booking your flights , accommodation, transportation and tours around your destination of choice, to almost all your spending needs during your trips here and abroad, a debit card can do all of that for you. And if you're lucky, you can even catch great travel deals with your debit card!

4. Get awesome discounts and rebates with a debit card

5 Things that a debit card can do for your family!

More and more merchants are offering exclusive offers and treat for shopping, dining, travel and more when you use your debit card. This is a great way to stretch your budget and generate savings while you spend.

5. Pay household bills

5 Things that a debit card can do for your family!

Long gone are the days you have to personally go to the respective billing companies to pay your bills. Each household is laden with many household and utility bills monthly and you can actually settle them using your debit card online.

See how a debit card can change your family’s lives now – open a BDO Savings Account and get a BDO Debit Card now!

With a BDO Debit Card, you can shop, dine, buy groceries, book your trips and more. Just present your BDO Debit Card at the cashier—tap, dip or swipe and you're fully paid. You can even use it online*!

What's more, you can enjoy special offers and deals from BDO Debit Card partner establishments nationwide. Click here to know more.

Don't have a BDO Debit Card yet? Visit any of the over 1,100 BDO branches nationwide or click here for more details on how to apply.

*Applicable to BDO Mastercard and Visa Debit Cards only.

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