5 Tips to help make bedtime easy

5 Tips to help make bedtime easy

These helpful tips and tricks can help parents make bedtime easy!

Kids aren’t as excited as parents are for nighttime. Parents cherish rest and look forward to the comforts of their beds. Kids on the other hand, have a hard time settling down and their parents struggle to get them ready for bedtime.

Mom and dads everywhere rejoice! Here is a list of helpful tips and tricks that can make settling down for bedtime easier than ever:

1. Set Reasonable Bedtime Hours

tips to make bedtime easy

It’s suggested that developing children need around 9 to 12 hours of sleep per night. With that knowledge in your arsenal, try to implement a reasonable bedtime/wakeup time that can accommodate their sleeping needs.

Try setting a standardized bedtime that you find appropriate for your kids based on their age or school schedule. This could get tricky when your kids of different ages share rooms, but it’s worth a try. Your growing child needs the best night’s rest possible!

2. Nightly Routines

tips to make bedtime easy

Even adults require a nightly routine that helps us to relax and prepare for a full night’s rest. It’s important to make sure your kids develop a healthy nightly routine that can help them do the same. Personalize a nightly routine for you and your kids to help them get in the proper nighttime mindset. After all, it’s difficult to sleep when you aren’t tired!

Try implementing routines like regularly scheduled bedtime stories, scheduled baths/showers, or switching to pajamas an hour before bedtime.

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3. No Tech at Night

tips to make bedtime easy

This one may be difficult to enforce, but it’s a great way to ensure your kids will catch some z’s easier than ever. The bright lights from TVs, phones, and computers can make it difficult for brains to switch into shutdown mode.

To make sure your kids are sleepy by the time bedtime rolls around, try to eliminate the use of tech devices of any kind AT LEAST an hour before bedtime.

4. Suitable Sleeping Environment

ways to make bedtime easy

Everyone requires a certain level of comfort before being able to fall asleep. Your kids are no different and you need to make sure that their bedrooms are fit for comfortable slumber.

Make sure your kids' beds are comfy and cozy, their lights are dimmed or dark, and be sure to set the temperature of their room to a comfortable setting.

5. Check the Closet for Monsters

tips to make bedtime easy

Kids have some pretty irrational fears. For parents to guarantee a healthy amount of sleep for their youngsters, they need to make sure their kids aren’t trembling themselves to sleep.

Make sure your children know that they are safe and protected no matter what. Your kids will sleep easier, and they’ll wake up fresh!


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