7 Perks of having Lolo & Lola babysitters

7 Perks of having Lolo & Lola babysitters

Maybe Lolo already has rayuma, but that won’t stop him from giving your little girl piggyback rides. Here are 7 reasons why having Lolo and Lola around is great for you and your kids.

In the Philippines, it comes as no surprise that most families, especially small families starting out, live with their parents. Living with an extended family may seem rowdy at times, but here are a couple of reasons on why you should count yourself blessed to have your child’s grandparents around, 24/7.

You have extra hands to help you out.

If you’re without a yaya and you and your spouse are both working full time, having Lolo and Lola around is a godsend. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child will be fed, bathed, brought to school, and well taken care of, even when you and your spouse are away.

Even if your children have a yaya, knowing that the grandparents are keeping a keen eye on her will keep yaya on her toes.

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Your kids get instant playmates.

Maybe Lolo already has rayuma, but that won’t stop him from giving your little girl piggyback rides. Maybe Lola’s voice isn’t as loud as before, but she’ll always say yes to a storytelling session with her apo. Your kids will never be bored as long as you’ve got your toy chest and their grandparents around!

They have the best stories about their own childhood to tell your kids.

The generation gap is so much more pronounced nowadays, with our kids growing up in such a connected, information-overloaded world. When Lolo and Lola start with their “Nung panahon namin…” stories, let them continue. Your kids will enjoy their stories about playing outdoors, courtship, and catching up with friends the old-fashioned way.


They spoil your children like crazy.

A lot of grandparents say that it’s their “job” to spoil their apos, while it’s the parents’ responsibility to instill discipline. Their reasoning behind this is that the grandparents have “graduated” from the disciplining part, and now it’s their turn to do the fun part of parenting—giving their apos that extra scoop of ice cream, or picking them up three seconds after they start wailing.

A word of caution: It can get frustrating to be the one to play the “bad cop” in the parenting scheme, but think of it as the grandparents’ way of being malambing.

More benefits of having Lolo and Lola around to help with the kids on the next page. One of them might make you sniffle!

Your kids will remember them fondly.

There are a lot of reasons why grandparents might not be remembered by their apos. Perhaps Lolo was already too sickly and frail to interact with their apos, or Lola passed away when her granddaughter was a wee toddler, or perhaps there was a falling out in the family.

Whatever the reason, feel thankful that your child’s grandparents are around now, and actively, passionately want to be part of their apos' lives.

Your parents will remember YOU fondly.

The grandparents will find similarities between you and your kids that you won’t be able to see. They'll tell you how your child shares the same traits as you do. Maybe it’s how your daughter’s high-pitched hungry cry sounds exactly like yours when you were her age, or how your son’s aptitude for math is something he got from you.

It’s sweet when people remember small details about you that you yourself don’t know or remember; it’s especially sweeter if the people who remember are your loved ones.


You’ll be able to learn about parenting firsthand from the “been there, done that” experts.

A lot of studies have been done and changes in mindset about parenting have been made since your parents’ time and yours; but considering they did a phenomenal job raising you, you can stand to learn a thing or two from them on how to raise your kids.

If it sometimes feels like they're imposing their ways on your little unit, or they’re disregarding your parenting style, it’s not that—it all comes from a place of love, for both you and their apos.

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