7 Reasons why Solenn is head over heels in love with hubby Nico Bolzico

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Solenn Heussaff is married to a hunk of a man. But aside from his physique, Nico Bolzico is also a great guy. Learn what makes him so endearing, here.

He is undeniably one of the sexiest men to ever stumble into the world of Philippine showbiz. With his grey-green eyes and dark brown hair, coupled with his impressive physique and rock-hard abs, Nico Bolzico is a dreamboat!

And dare we say, Solenn Heussaff is super lucky to be waking up beside this Argentinian hottie!

But it’s not just his good looks that makes Nico so endearing. The sexy rancher also has a host of other qualities that surely has Solenn wanting more.

Great sense of humor

Nico is not afraid to look silly just to elicit a laugh from his beautiful wife Solenn. Here he is imitating Solenn’s sultry pose days before their wedding. Who do you think did it best?

Who did it best ???????????????????????????????????????????????? @nicobolzico #SosBolz

A photo posted by Solenn Heussaff (@solennheussaff) on

Nico also loves to play pranks on Solenn. Here he is giving her a fright while out jogging.

For those who don’t get it, I was trying to imitate a dog! #sosbolz

A video posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

Solenn and Nico love working out together. And we love seeing videos of them fooling around this way. Things are never boring with this guy is around!

Spot the “lion eating a gazelle”.

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Loves her cooking

Nico knows when he has it good!

“Amazingly well cooked dinner by @solennheussaff …Wife material alert!,” Nico captioned this photo of Solenn serving portions of her home-cooked dinner.

Amazingly well cooked dinner by @solennheussaff … #casapulgosa. Wife material alert!

A photo posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

Nico also proudly shared this photo of Solenn making pancakes for breakfast.

“You have to love this girl,” he said.

Supportive husband

And what wife wouldn’t want a man who is confident enough in his manhood not to feel insecure over his wife’s success? In fact, Nico is super supportive of his wife’s career.

“This sexy mama rocking the stage last night at her concert…Congrats…,” Nico said.

“I would have prefered a bit more clothes on ….,” he joked.

“Last night my extremely super nova archie total talented fiancee in her first exibit! Huge sucess! Congrats love!,” Nico captioned this photo of Solenn standing in front of her painting.

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Great with kids

Nico has a magical way with kids, judging by these Instagram posts. Apparently, he is a great teacher, too!

Photo: Nico Bolzico's IG.

Photo: Nico Bolzico’s IG.

Nico also enjoys a good ol’ tongue war.

Photo: Nico Bolzico's IG.

Photo: Nico Bolzico’s IG.

Loves Animals

Nico has a soft spot for animals, especially horses. Plus, he’s great with a laso!

Cuando te sentis un pro pero sos una mentira de la NASa, descripcion grafica ☝

A photo posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

For one second i felt you were here with me bebe! @solennheussaff

A photo posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

Here’s Nico laso-ing some cows in his hometown.

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Kissing like there is no tomorrow

Nico just can’t stop kissing Solenn! And that’s enough to make any woman feel weak in the knees.

Kissing like there is no tomorrow!

A photo posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

Sweaty kiss after our sunday workout @nicobolzico

A photo posted by Solenn Heussaff (@solennheussaff) on

A sweet Valentine’s greeting from Nico to the “love of his life”.

Helpful hubby

“Yes dear! I ll do the dishes forever!,” Nico said in this Instagram post.

Yes dear! I ll do the dishes forever! ????????

A video posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on

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