7-year-old girl dresses up as a mom for Halloween and nails it

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This is how you win at Halloween

Tracksuit? Check. Dark circles? Check. Flip-flops? Check. Spit-up? Check. Baby dolls? Double-check (one’s even clinging to her foot).

It’ll be quite a while before 7-year-old Lainie Griffin becomes a mom herself, but her Halloween costume was spot-on. Her photo, shared by a family friend on Facebook, has earned more than 194,000 reactions and has been shared over 14,000 times.

"I'm dead! This is the best costume I've ever seen!" the family friend captioned the photo.

mom costume

Photo: Sam Jess/Facebook

Lainie’s mother isn’t surprised at all that her daughter has gone viral. “Every parent can relate!” she told Us Weekly. “So many of us have been too tired to bend over to tie a pair of tennis shoes or put on some socks so we just slip into flip-flops!”

Where did Lainie get the inspiration to dress up as a mother? Her mom, Jessica Griffin, told ABC News that Lainie is naturally nurturing, and is even nicknamed “Little Mamma”.

“She ... loves to help and loves babies and animals and is very motherly,” said Griffin.

On the next page: how Lainie and Jessica put her hilarious costume together.

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