8 Nurturing reminders to sustain a healthy, bright, and happy child

8 Nurturing reminders to sustain a healthy, bright, and happy child

Do you need to touch base with yourself as a parent and fill the inspiration that your developing child needs? Read on these 8 nurturing reminders that will keep you whole as a parent and as an individual for your healthy, bright and happy child.

Being a parent is a blessing.  It has challenges to win over and lasting rewards to be reaped by our succeeding generations.

The point is how to find the right balance as a parent, as a constant source of inspiration to our child's dream world.

Here are eight nurturing reminders that will keep us in line with our objectives in keeping our child healthy, bright and happy, taken from 'You Are Your Child's First Teacher' by Rahima Baldwin Dancy.

1. We need to accept who we are and build up the support we need.

As parents, it is the choices that we make at each moment that is the foundation of our child's development.

For that, we should make the best choices and actively do our best at all times.

2. We need fathers to be actively involved with children

Fathers need support for their fathering, as there are different styles in parenting.

They also need to support mothers in mothering, partly financial, but definitely emotionally.

It is imperative that we discuss and be in harmony with each other concerning basic issues of discipline and parenting styles.

3. We need a true understanding of children and their world

We have to be conscious of the surroundings we submit them to and give them the understanding, support, and love they need to thrive well-roundedly.

They learn from us. Therefore, we must behave and act based on how we want them to as well.

4. We need to trust the natural process of development and not interfere with it

We need to see each child as a unique individual so that we will be able to do things to enhance their gifts and to work on their weaknesses with a view toward a balanced development of thinking, feeling, and physical abilities.

5. We need to trust ourselves and our children and to let go of guilt

We need to see parenting as part of our inner growth and development. We must allow our children to evolve according to their gifted personalities.

6. We need to trust our children as individuals

It is our duty to do our best and trust in the best always.

We need to trust our children to be resilient, to be able to heal, to be terrific people despite their flawed efforts and our most regretted action.

We can strive to help each child's experience and our own to be as positive and rewarding as it will be varied.

7. We need to value our parenting

No one else, however skilful and loving, can feel a much excitement as you do over your child's every accomplishment.  Likewise, no one else will appreciate your efforts and love you unconditionally other than your child.

8. We need to value our homemaking

We are our children's first home, which then expands to include life as it unfolds.

The more attention, awareness and creativity we can put into the process, the more home life can become a platform that effectively supports every member of the family.

It takes less than five minutes for us to change our moods and just as fast to influence our child by our actions.

That is why in order for us to secure a bright future for our child, we need to check ourselves often and put ourselves back to perspective for our own absolute peace, harmony and fulfilment, and that of our child's.

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