9 Things most fathers forget to do before their baby arrives

9 Things most fathers forget to do before their baby arrives

Are you excitedly counting down to your baby’s arrival? Check this list and make sure you’ve covered everything before your new baby arrives!

Now that your wife is in her third trimester, the countdown to meet your baby is about to start!

You might have spent the recent months buying things and preparing for the new baby. Moving around with a huge baby bump is leaving your wife more tired than ever by now, so fathers, please get down to business for the last leg of this journey! We hope you have gotten most things covered, because here are 9 things fathers often forget to do before their little one comes. Go forth and take charge of these little changes, papa!

#1: Schedule for air con servicing

Most families forget to do this regularly, regardless of how often they use the airconditioner. Did you know that dirt and dust accumulate in those air conditioning filters? These allergens could affect your pregnant wife who may have allergies, and your newborn’s immature respiratory system if you’re planning to have baby sleep with the air conditioning switched on, especially in our hot weather. The accumulated dirt and dust also affect cooling efficiency, and lead to increased energy consumption and electrical bills. Cleaning of the air conditioning units may take a couple of hours, depending on the extensiveness, so do remember to schedule it before your baby is here.

#2: Pack daddy’s hospital bag

Witnessing the birth of your child is one of life’s most memorable milestones. If you’re planning to be in the delivery ward, don’t forget to pack a hospital bag for yourself too! Bring along some clothes, pyjamas (it’s cold at the hospital!), toiletries, snacks, and a phone charger. You wouldn’t want to be rushing back and forth between your home and the hospital to get things when you are about to meet your baby!

#3: Learn how to install the baby car seat

Unless your wife has a scheduled C-section, the birth of a baby really depends on the baby’s readiness. After your wife has delivered, you will need to consider how to bring baby home safely from the hospital. For dads who drive, make sure to purchase a car seat beforehand, and practice how to install and use it properly. It may seem easy to install, but it pays to be prepared instead of fumbling with it at the last minute.

9 Things most fathers forget to do before their baby arrives

Daddies can help to select a name. If you’re planning to go to a Feng Shui Master for your baby’s Chinese name, dads, you can help by researching who to go to, and their charges.

#4: Decide on a baby’s name

Have you and your wife decided on your baby’s name? Searching for that perfect name with a wonderful meaning behind it takes time, so it would be best if you and your wife could agree on a name beforehand. Daddy, this task will be for you because your wife will be recuperating post-delivery – make sure you spell your baby’s name right!

#5: Budgeting for the future

Preparing for your new family member goes beyond purchasing swaddles and strollers. It’s important for dads to also plan for the future and make good investments.

Making wise choices early on when it comes to your family’s finances will save you a lot of headaches later on. Be sure to save for your child’s future, and invest in a good insurance and educational plan for your child.


#6: Learn a few nursery rhymes

There’s an unexplainable magic to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb and other nursery rhymes. If these are the only nursery rhymes you know, it’s time to amp up the daddy jukebox with more classic hits. Being able to sing different nursery rhymes allows you to discover which is baby’s favourite lullaby too. This skill would also come in handy for that daddy-and-baby bonding time, where your little one gazes lovingly at you as you belt out those hits. Time to start practising before your baby arrives!
9 Things most fathers forget to do before their baby arrives

#7: Babyproof your home and protect your belongings

Accident-proof the bathroom as this area poses a threat for slips and falls especially when it is wet. Add a baby to the equation and that instantly escalates the risk of accidents. Make your bathroom slip-proof with non-slip rubber “puzzle mats”, non-slip broad threads or non-slip stickers by laying them on top of those tiles. Alternatively, apply a non-slip solution on tiles to make them slip-resistant – you can easily do this yourself or engage help for professional chemical treatment options.

Damaged kitchen cabinets or wardrobes should be repaired as they pose a threat for injuries to the young and old. Decluttering and reorganising messy storage areas offer more efficient uses of space for keeping your baby’s things. Yes, a baby does need storage space for his or her belongings too!

While fixing the home, don’t forget to protect your belongings with home protection insurance. You can look for options offering protection against fire, burglaries and damages and other unexpected incidents, just in case.

#8: Line your bed with a bedsheet protector

One of the signs that your baby is ready to pop – a burst waterbag! This could happen anywhere, even when your wife is asleep. When the time comes, you will be rushing her off to the hospital and washing the sheets is the last thing that will be on your mind!

Remember to line the bed with a waterproof bedsheet protector to prepare for your baby’s surprise. Daddies, please help with this task since asking your pregnant wife to lift a heavy mattress isn’t the best exercise for a mom in her third trimester. Score another point for being thoughtful, papa!

9 Things most fathers forget to do before their baby arrives

Spend time with your pregnant wife soaking in the simple joys of each other’s presence … remember that you were first a couple before becoming parents.


#9: Spend some time together as a couple

I’m sure friends who are parents would have told you this too – there are plenty of reasons to spend quality time together, just the two of you. When your baby arrives, all your attention and time will be dedicated to this precious little one, and both of you may feel that life suddenly revolves around a new heartthrob. Sneaking out for a few dates later on becomes trickier since you need to plan for someone to take care of the baby. It’s important to enjoy the moments together as husband and wife before becoming dad and mom.

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