A Tangible Expression of Love

A Tangible Expression of Love

The Couples Collection of Imono Jewelry is the perfect gift for his and hers this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching but the hustle and bustle of daily routine doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The daily grind can make it challenging to make a grand expression of love. Though it’s unseen, love is a fragrant presence that often requires tangible acts of reassurance. Imono Jewelry, the leader in retail for non-tarnish, hypoallergenic jewelry, is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day for both men and women. The Couples Collection, which is a gender-neutral line, features everyday luxury pieces that elegantly symbolize one’s thoughtful love no matter the season and time of day.


Jewelry for His and Hers

The Couples Collection consists of hand-picked pieces that accurately express one’s affection. The 316L Steel Imono Jewelry bangle and ring. These are set in cubic zirconian stones are wearable reminders of love, which go well with casual and formal outfits. Additionally, the gold couple ring is an everyday classic that symbolizes eternity. Both steel and gold rings can be personalized with an engravement of one’s name or a meaningful quote.

Imono Couple's jewelry

Couple bangles (with Cubic Zirconia) and ring made from pure 316L Steel


The Couples Collection also includes engraved pieces such as the “I ♥ U” necklace and the “Love Forever” pendants in steel and gold. The pieces are stylish and personal, with meaningful words are worn as delicate gifts.

Imono Couple's jewelry

I ♥ U necklace



The gold bangle with the engraving “Thank you for be being beside me” and the charm bracelet with “Forever you’re my lover” show this. Indeed, love is placed on the forefront as internal truths are expressed through Imono Jewelry.




Imono Couple's Jewelry

Gold bangle with inscription “Thank you for being beside me”



Imono Couple's Jewelry

Charm bracelet with inscription “Forever you’re my lover”



Messages of solidarity The rose gold charm bracelet is a beautiful reminder of love’s joy and direction. The inscription “Be Happy Together” on this charm bracelet is testament that shows love is celebrated not only for a season, but with a solid foundation, it is celebrated through the test of time.


Imono Couple's Jewelry

Jewelry rose gold charm bracelet with inscription “Be happy together”


Check out the complete collection on www.imonojewelryph.com or follow @imonojewelry on Instagram and Facebook.  See more at their website: https://www.imonojewelryph.com/


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