LOOK: 6 Adorable celeb daddy and son duos who will make you go "awww!"

LOOK: 6 Adorable celeb daddy and son duos who will make you go "awww!"

These handsome celebrity dads may be at different stages in their fatherhood journey, but one thing they have in common is that they always make time for their little boys!

Being a parent in local showbiz can be difficult, aside from the intrigue and pressures of being in the spotlight, there's the challenge of making time for your kids, despite a busy schedule. But these celebrity dads make it look so easy! They make hands-on parenting look so good!

1. Ian Veneracion and son Draco

17-year-old Draco is Ian's eldest child with wife Pam Gallardo. This handsome father and son tandem both have a need for speed, so their bonding moments consist mostly of riding motorbikes through rough terrain and exploring new places together. Most recently, they zoomed through the mountains of Sagada together in matching biker jackets. Too cute!

2. Drew Arellano and baby Primo

Being the unico hijo of two TV hosts is certainly rubbing off on Primo Arellano, who's a natural in front of the camera! He even got his daddy Drew's killer smile! We dare you not to giggle after watching this cute clip below...

The smile he gives ya to light up your whole week!? Happy weekend to you and your loved ones! Make it count!

A post shared by Drew Arellano (@drewarellano) on

3. Ryan Agoncillo and son Lucho

TV host Ryan Agoncillo's only son with wife, actress Judy Ann Santos is a ball of energy, who enjoys arcade games, Korean food, and amusement parks! Best of all, dad Ryan makes it a point to have daddy-son one-on-one bonding time with Lucho. He even started a hashtag on instagram, called #storiesforLucho, so he can keep track of all of their memories with just a single click!

Yeeehaw!? #storiesforlucho

A post shared by Ryan Agoncillo (@ryan_agoncillo) on

4. Piolo Pascual and Iñigo

This affectionate father and son like bonding by going to the gym, cycling, or simply hanging out at home. In a recent interview with CNN, the 40-year-old actor talked about wanting to be a good role model for his teen son, who is now also an actor.

"You have a son that looks up to you, you gotta do things right for him, you want to set a good pace for him," he mused, "Because if you’re able to do that, you can be a father-figure to him and tell him, look at me, look at my life, at least you can speak to his life."

5. Richard Gutierrez and Zion

The first-time dad wins our hearts time and time again with his posts about his 4-year-old son Zion.

"Nothing has brought me more peace and contentment," he wrote on instagram, where he posts all of their travels with Zion's mom, actress Sarah Lahbati. They recently traveled to Davao, Bicol, Paris, and Switzerland. But our favorite has to be when he brings Zion along to work with him. A true hands-on dad, indeed!

6. Paulo Avelino and Aki

Though he and his son Aki's mom, actress LJ Reyes, are no longer together, Paulo still manages to spend time with his only little boy. The handsome young dad may be one of the hottest young stars today, but being a parent is just as important to him as being one of the most sought after actors of his generation.

"Sinisiguro ko na may oras ako kapag wala akong ginagawa, I try to spend most of the time [with my child]," the doting dad shared with ABS-CBN in an interview.

Birthday Boy Paulo Avelino with Aki

A post shared by Leo V. Dominguez (@leovdominguez) on

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