Aga Muhlach calls Lea Salonga 'the one that got away' in an old love letter

Aga Muhlach calls Lea Salonga 'the one that got away' in an old love letter

One of our favorite 90s love teams is making us swoon all over again thanks to their loyal fans who managed to unearth an old, heartwarming love letter

Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga may not have been paired onscreen for more than two decades, but that hasn't stopped their fans from supporting their love team.

Thanks to one twitter user, an old love letter where Aga wrote has resurface, in it he charmingly refers to Lea as 'the one that got away.'

"Lea is the one that got away. And she never knew. So now she knows. We are older and wiser now, we have gone our own ways, we are no longer the same. But the fire has not ebbed. Rather it has grown deeper, stronger, quieter, more enduring. I love her still, but perhaps because she got away, I have her as a friend now, and so I will always have her."

The sweet message was first published in Salonga's souvenir programme from her 2013 show, "Playlist -- A Celebration of 35 Years."

The post soon went viral, with many fans reposting and retweeting it. In the same note, Aga gave credit to his 1992 movie with Salonga, "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal," for helping revive his then flailing career.

Naturally, the newly discovered note has inspired their devoted fans to call for a reunion movie to bring the two together. Back in 2015, Star Cinema had revealed that there was indeed a movie in the works, but it had to be put on hold due to scheduling difficulties.

Dinner companion for tonight. Spouses were also in attendance! #HopiaNoMore

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The two are now happily married. Lea is married to Robert Charles Chien, with whom she has an 11-year-old daughter named Nicole and Aga has been married to former beauty queen Charlene Gonzales for 16 years. They have two lovely 16-year-old kids, twins Andres and Atasha.

Both couples remain close friends. In fact, Lea shared on instagram that they recently had a cute double date together!

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