Ali Khatibi on staying faithful to wife Cristine: 'I don't give her any reasons para magselos'

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The MMA teacher believes that cheating doesn't make anyone a better man. Find out more about how he stays faithful to wife Cristine Reyes, below!

A year and a half since he and Cristine Reyes exchanged vows, Fil-Iranian fighter Ali Khatibi is truly embracing marriage and the commitment that comes with it.

Like most men, Ali knows that life will change once you settle down and become a parent.

“When I was single, I could go out and do anything I want. Cristine and I went to Dubai for skydiving, desert safari, and a bunch of stuff like that,” he recounted to ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “But when I got married and had a family, things slowed down for me. Now, when we plan something, our daughter should be there. It’s more kid-friendly.”

Ali Khatibi on staying faithful to wife Cristine: 'I don't give her any reasons para magselos'

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What does he love most about being a dad? Feeling like his 2-year-old daughter Amarah’s favorite person.

“My daughter always looks for me. She always wants to hang out with me,” he told ABS-CBN, “and when she sees me in the house, she would chase me and want to go with me. I love that feeling of (having) one person who always wants to be around you no matter what.”

For the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) teacher, his family is his real treasure.

“I don’t want to do anything that would make me lose my pot of gold and ‘yung pamilya ko ang pot of gold ko,”  said the 33-year-old dad in an interview with

“It makes you more of a man kung nakakapagpigil ka….”

Ali Khatibi on staying faithful to wife Cristine: 'I don't give her any reasons para magselos'

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He’s handsome, charming, and athletic, so it’s natural to wonder if Cristine ever gets jealous.

Though, according to Ali, she may have experienced jealousy before, all that’s changed since they tied the knot. Even so, he makes an effort to keep her feeling secure.

“I don’t give her any reasons para magselos,” he told “May mga girls talaga (na students) but especially ngayon na may asawa na ‘ko, iniisip ko ‘pag may ginawa akong kalokohan, ‘di ko lang niloloko asawa, ko pati anak ko niloloko ko rin. That’s always in my head. I don’t want to risk anything na gagawa ko kalokohan. I’d rather not. It makes you more of a man kung nakakapagpigil ka compared na kahit sinong babae kaya mong kunin. It doesn’t make you a better man.”

Ali and Cristine got married in a simple, intimate ceremony on the island of Balesin in January 2016, 11 months after they welcomed their daughter Amarah in February 2015.

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