Amanda Griffin is pregnant with her fourth child!

Amanda Griffin is pregnant with her fourth child!

Amanda Griffin has just shared that she's pregnant with her fourth child, and she's totally excited about the new addition to her family!

Actress, model, and mother Amanda Griffin has just announced that she's pregnant with her 4th child!

Amanda Griffin: "I'm pregnant with baby #4!"

On her blog,, the soon-to-be mother of four writes, "This isn’t my first time at the rodeo if you know what I mean. Yup, I’m pregnant with baby #4! I knew I was pregnant almost from conception because I felt extremely nauseous and dizzy within days."

"I never have an easy first trimester but this one has been the most difficult by far. So many factors contributed to me feeling like I wouldn’t make it through those first few months. My age, my 3 children that I have to run around after, feed, discipline, mediate and so on, the Christmas season which meant endless social obligations, and the fact that, as usual, I couldn’t stomach anything healthy."

Amanda added that she experienced a lot of fatigue during her first trimester and that it was "debilitating."

"I have always wanted a big family"

Amanda shared that a lot of people were surprised to know that she wanted to have 4 kids. She added that some of them couldn't even believe that she wanted a big family.

"I have always wanted a big family and I’m so fortunate that I have a partner who shares the same family vision.

"'Was it planned?' is the most common query that I get. When I sheepishly admit that yes we wanted a fourth, I’m met with looks of incredulity and confusion every.single.time. But just so you know, according to studies, people who come from larger families tend to be happier," Amanda writes.

She also shared that she had come from a small family. She only had a brother and a sister, and her dad has 1 sister with 2 kids. Amanda added that she has always wanted the closeness and the unique family dynamic that comes with a larger family.

She adds, "Life in the Jacob household is already chock full of noise, laughter, love, and unruliness. I can’t wait to see what baby Jacob #4 will add to the mix. We cannot wait until he completes our family."



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