An open letter to stay-at-home moms: Why you’re not doing a real job

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Have you been told you don't do a "real" job? Read this open letter to stay at home moms to find out why this is probably correct...

Dearest SAHM,

You must hear it a lot: stay at home moms don’t do “real” jobs. You know what? I have to agree.

A real job starts and ends at a certain time. People doing such jobs come home, switch off, wind down and relax.

You, on the other hand never stop working. You are up several times a night feeding your sweet baby. If you are lucky, you get a few hours of sleep before you are woken up again by your toddler, prising your eyelids open.

Oh, and of course there’s the primary schooler.

So, with a baby in the sling and another child at your feet, you pack lunches, wash sleepy faces, brush tiny teeth, help your six-year-old get dressed (saying, “no, you cannot wear those sparkly shoes to school”) and do what seems like a million other chores, all before 8am.

You wish briefly that you did a “real job” just so you could take a breather. But you can’t – there are little mouths to be fed, pigtails and shoelaces to be tied and lunches to be cooked.

A real job gives its employees leave when they are sick.

Your job, dearest SAHM, is not like this. You might be feeling like Death warmed over but you still have to work.

Those tiny people for whom you work for have needs and demands that must be met, and so, you soldier on despite the fever, the cough, and the incredible tiredness that permeates every cell of your body.

A real job comes with bathroom, lunch and coffee breaks.

You’re not that lucky. When you need to use the toilet, it’s highly likely you have an audience either giggling, staring at you with saucer-eyes or asking you unanswerable questions.

Even if you manage to do your business behind closed doors, you’ll probably see little sausagey fingers wriggling under the door like they’re trying to touch the atmosphere around you, and at least be with you that way.

And forget about taking that shower. Poop in the hair shall be the name of the game today.

Let’s move on to… and rapidly away from… coffee and lunch. Because when you grab that cuppa or bowl of rice since the baby is finally sleeping, you know that in two minutes your baby is going to wake up.

SAHMs don’t get paid unlike “real” employees… or do they? Read the rest of this open letter to stay at home moms on the next page. 

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