Andi Eigenmann answers bashers of daughter's haircut

Andi Eigenmann answers bashers of daughter's haircut

Actress Andi Eigenmann answered bashers who questioned why she allowed her daughter Ellie Eigenmann to have a pixie cut. Here's what she has to say.

In a recent Instagram post, Andi Eigenmann addressed questions from netizens about her daughter Ellie Eigenmann's new haircut. (Ellie is sporting a new 'do, a cute pixie cut!)


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Andi Eigenmann: Her response

Andi says there have been netizens who wrote to her asking why her child to chopped her long locks and traded it for a shorter style.

She writes: "Been receiving so much comments from strangers asking me what happened to Ellie’s hair, assuming that it has something to do with her gender identity, or simply telling me how much of a waste it was to cut her hair of because 'she was so beautiful.'”

Andi took this opportunity to school bashers on the definition of beauty.

"My daughter STILL IS beautiful, and no matter how much she will change through time, she always will be," she says."Because it was never her long hair that made her look good."

Andi expressed her dismay how some people equate beauty to a certain look or standard.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes. But it saddens me how people (specially other women) are making me feel like Ellie cannot feel or be beautiful just because of her hair."

She added, "I am trying to raise a child that is comfortable in her own skin. That is confident in being true to who she is, regardless of what others may think. As a mother though, it gets scary for me to raise my child around people who think this way."

Andi believes that people, especially women, should not put other women down.

"Why can’t we just learn to support and encourage other women to be confident, and strong, and to stay true to who they are, rather than bringing them down for being this way? Whoever said that there is a hair length requirement for beauty? They’re bonkers."

Andi's message is timely as women all over the country are supposed to be celebrating National Women's Month this March. Also, the actress is currently pregnant with her second child, a daughter.


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