Anti Bullying Act: Helping Schools Keep Your Child Safe

Anti Bullying Act: Helping Schools Keep Your Child Safe

Children have the right to be protected against violence and abuse. Read the article to know how you can protect your child with the anti bullying act.

 TheAnti Bullying Act: Helping Schools Keep Your Child Safe

anti bullying

Every person has the right to be protected against violence and abuse, and your children are no exception. As parents, you do all that you can to shelter and keep your children safe from harm.

But it is only a matter of time before these children grow, and you will no longer be able to keep a watchful eye on them all day. Such is the case when they begin to go to school. It is for this reason that theAnti Bullying Act has been established by the Philippine Government.

Among the biggest fears of parents, and one of the reasons why many consider home-schooling, is that their children might be bullied while within school premises. Sadly, such cases do occur, both in the elementary and high school levels, and even in college.

As of 2013, with the implementation of theAnti Bullying Act, schools have become better able to protect their students against acts of abuse from their peers.


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Anti Bullying Act

What Constitutes Bullying?

Under thisAnti Bullying Act, it states that bullying occurs when one or more of the following occur as a result of verbal, physical or even electronic or online actions by one or a group of students:

• A student fears possible physical or emotional harm, or damage to his or her property

• A student views the school as a hostile, unsafe environment

• A student’s rights have been violated

• Disruption of the learning process, and the security and order within the school grounds

It has been made clear that bullying, in this case, goes beyond physical harm such as punching, pushing or kicking. It also includes verbal abuse that causes emotional or psychological turmoil on a child, or wrongly aims to taint another student’s reputation. Cyber-bulling is also addressed by theAnti Bullying Act, and rightly so, as most students these days have access to the internet and mobile devices.


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Anti Bullying Act

Know Your Child’s Rights Under theAnti Bullying Act

The policies under theAnti Bullying Act clearly protects students against bullying while on school grounds and within its perimeter. It also takes effect at school functions or programs, whether these are within the school grounds or at an outside venue. Even school buses and carpools are covered by theAnti Bullying Act, given that they are owned, leased by or accredited by the school. Finally, students are also protected from acts of bullying that result from or through technological or electronic devices owned by the school.

Other malicious acts may also be considered as protected by theAnti Bullying Act if they cause a student to feel that he or she is unsafe in school, and in effect, affecting the students’ learning process. As for students who report cases of bullying, or are witnesses to acts of bullying, they are also protected. And any form of violence or abuse directed towards them may also be sanctioned.


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Anti Bullying Act

The Responsibility of Protecting A Student

The responsibility of the school goes beyond that of a learning facility. It must also be able to provide a safe venue for students to learn, develop and thrive. With the Anti Bullying Act in place, parents and students alike can now feel that the school is a place where they can be protected as well. Students, faculty, and school staff are also enjoined to do their part by reporting any acts of bullying that they witness or hear about, whether physical or emotional. Taking action helps make your school a safe place.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Patricia de Castro-Cuyugan

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