Video of Lucena bullying incident goes viral online

Video of Lucena bullying incident goes viral online

The video of the recent Lucena bullying incident has gone viral online, and shows a helpless girl who was slapped three times by her bully.

The recent video of the Lucena bullying incident has gone viral online. Netizens are outraged at the bully's actions against another helpless student.

Lucena bullying: What really happened?

The Lucena bullying video shows a female student being surrounded by a group of girls who were ganging up on her. One of the bullies was the one taking the video of the incident.

One of the girls went up to the victim and slapped the helpless girl three times. She was speechless and seemed to be too afraid to stand up against the bullies.

The video was shared online, and it quickly went viral, with netizens expressing their disappointment and anger towards the bullies.

One of the netizens who claimed to personally know the victim shared that the incident happened as a result of jealousy.

The victim's mother shared her thoughts online

In the wake of the incident, the victim's mother, who was an OFW, posted online to vent her emotions on what happened to her daughter.

She shares, "Hinding hindi aqpapayag na SORRY lng matatanggap ng anak q na kpalit ng ginawa nila kahit saan tau mgdating ilalaban q angbginawa jio sa anak q!!!!"

She is also reaching out to the school administration to do something about the incident.

Watch the horrifying video below:

What can moms do against bullying?

Here are some useful tips that moms should know when it comes to bullying:

1. Know the signs

The most common signs of bullying are depression, a lack of motivation to go to school, and sudden mood swings. Knowing these signs can help parents know if their child is being bullied, and helps them address the problem early on.

2. Teach children to be assertive

Teaching children to stand up to bullies is a good way to prevent them from being victims. Don't encourage violence, but encourage your children to speak up and not back down if a bully tries to threaten them. They should also learn when to walk away, especially if the situation starts to become heated.

3. Tell your kids to do something against bullying

If your child sees another kid being bullied, teach them to help out. Children feel better if they know that someone out there is looking out for them, and will not hesitate to help them if someone tries to bully them.

4. Support your child when they speak up

If your child tells you that they're being bullied, be supportive. Don't try and dismiss them or make them feel that it's their fault. Be supportive and tell them that they did the right thing by telling you.

5. Don't remain silent

Lastly, if you see a child being bullied, don't remain silent. Do your best to act upon the situation and let the bully know that you will be informing a teacher about the bullying if they don't stop.



Photo screencapped from: Facebook

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