Are you exhausted? It may be quarantine fatigue

Are you exhausted? It may be quarantine fatigue

In these uncertain times, we are all trying to find what our new normal is. We are doing this not only for ourselves but for ourselves and our families, it follows that there is a period of adjustment, and for some, it is quite a big adjustment. Because of this, we may be all feeling a little weird, and perhaps unsettled, as we live day to day with caution and even trepidation, on top of the usual and unusual triggers for stress that may or may not have been there before. This has been recognized as quarantine fatigue.


On September 16th, Thomson Reuters Manila  put together a quick seminar on what possible things has been affecting us all. The panelists that joined were the following:

Marcelo “Bong” Roa Yu is the Operations Manager for Rules and Regulations Legal Content. Bong has been with Thomson Reuters for 18 years, with the last 13 years being spent on managing and leading content and support teams. At home, Bong lives with his wife and two kids in a small condo. He is trying to find a rhythm as both his kids are doing homeschool now.

Lilibeth “Beth” Repolidon has been with Thomson Reuters for five years. She has been around the Collections Team and has been leading the Collections Team in Manila for over a year now. She has been working from home and still trying to have a clear distinction of work time and "me" time.She lives with her sibling with a 2-month old baby and nephews and niece who are all doing online learning.

Katerina “Kay” Emralino has been with Thomson Reuters for 16 years. She leads the Judicial Operations group in Manila. Kay has a seven-year old daughter who is currently doing online distance learning (ODL). Her husband is also working from home.

They spoke at length about the different ways we all have possibly been affected by the quarantine and "new normal", especially how this affects our family life. Feelings of being unsettled, fatigue (even if we're all just at home), and varying degrees of depression, that this new restrictive lifestyle that the new normal has given us, were discussed as part of what is called Quarantine Fatigue.


Quarantine fatigue is affecting us all, maybe even without us actually knowing this. The best way to help combat negative feelings, both with us and our families, is to try and get into a routine every day. Now that most children are staying home, it would be good to include them in these plans, the panelists said.

The routine is there to help give our heads a semblance of normalcy even if we're all still at home. If possible, keep practices that keep you and your family happy or do things that help calm you all as a family, such as taking a walk or do other family activities together.


The panelists have also recognized that there is a limit to sharing time together, and that sometimes, we all need our space; this includes your children. Let them have their own time; this is also a good practice for you and your partner. If possible, try t carve out little spaces for each of you in the family and create a time that you all can have a little down time to yourselves.

It is important that you have this, to help clear your mind, as do your family. Since we are all still practicing social distancing and not going out as much as possible, we need to create this in our own homes.


The new normal that everyone is talking about is defined by each of us individually. What may work with one household may be detrimental to another.

Carve out and define what your new normal is with your family. This will bring you closer together and get to know each other better. We are all trying to make the best of this situation will help you all cope together and solidify the relationships you have within your family.


Feeling tired? Click here, to read more about adrenal fatigue and if you have it.


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