Are you sure your home is safe from burglars during Undas?

Planning to sleep at the cemetery or go out of town this Undas weekend? Here's how to keep your home safe according to the Philippine National Police.

Each year, Undas or All Saints Day and All Souls Day, brings families together in memory of departed loved ones but it also raises the risk of our unattended homes being broken into.

So authorities are on full alert during the weekend to prevent the incidence of home invasion and other crimes.

As early as last week, the PNP has put security measures in place in prepartion for the coming weekend.

They also tweeted this helpful reminder.

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The National Capital Region Police Office will also be on full alert. To further ensure the safety of your home and loved ones, it's also best to know the right emergency hotlines to call.

Philippine National Police (PNP)

Hotline: 117 722-0650 Text hotline: 0917-847-5757

Philippine Coast Guard

Trunkline: (02) 527-8481 to 89 Action center: (02) 527-3877 0917-PCG-DOTC 0917-724-3682 (Globe) 0918-967-4697

Metro Manila Development Authority

Hotline: 136 Trunkline: (02) 882-4150-77 loc. 337 (rescue) 255 (Metrobase) 319 (Road Safety) 374 (Public Safety) 320(Road Emergency) 

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)

Text hotline: 0918-912-2813 Trunkline: (02) 931-81-01 Disaster Response Unit: 856-3665, 852-8081

Bureau of Fire Protection (NCR)

Direct line: (02) 426-0219, (02) 426-3812, (02)426-0246

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