Are you too busy for sex?

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If you think you have no more time for sex, think again and read from this articlethe reasons why you need to engage in it.

Are you too busy for sex?

“I am hot! My wife is hot! This was ideally true during our one year of marriage. Nowadays, there’s no way for us to have time for sex because our time is eaten up by the concerns of our three kids, and our work,” a male friend complains.

He further adds: “We have no time to unwind. No time to give ourselves a break and to look at our relationship objectively. We are pressured by responsibilities and deadlines all throughout the week. No time for ourselves! No time for intimacy that couples should have. When my wife arrives at home, she prepares dinner, attends to the needs of the kids and finds herself sleeping all throughout the night. It seems that sex is only a part of the honeymoon stage of our marriage. Whenever I go home early and still have time, I play with the kids and eventually, find myself tired too. No time to talk with my wife. And early in the morning, we are confronted with tending to the needs of the kids and preparing ourselves for work,” complained a friend.

Ouchie! No time for sex. Imagine that!

But my friend is not alone. It seems that this has become true to my marriage as well. Probably, my husband is complaining deep inside. For the past few months, I think that our relationship as husband and wife is no longer healthy because we seem to have become mere house mates and our concerns are only focused on the welfare of the children and of our work. From the deepest recesses of my soul, I found myself longing for such coupling intimacy. But gone are the days when our libido was so active that we could still manage to find time for sex. After having two kids and another one coming up soon, it’s a luxury too lofty to experience. I discovered that life is getting dull because I have forgotten that sex is part of our marriage. So, before it became too late, I reviewed the reasons why sex is still very important to married couples.

First, sex must be taken into consideration.  It is not the center of marriage but it is part and parcel of marital life. We find ourselves caught up by the many concerns of life but our sex life must not be neglected. Many things can happen when the intimate connection between a husband and a wife is lost. There is a tendency for us to forget our commitment as husband and wife. We may lose sight of our relationship and end up with constant disagreements and quarrels. Resentments may file up since we no longer appreciate the presence of our partner. These could lead to infidelity and extra-marital affairs. Hence, it is an active sex life that provides the connection which strengthens our marital relationship in the process.

Second, sexual intercourse presents the significance of the true nature of union and communion. From the perspective of marriage, sex is said to be the deepest expression of love. The more you engage in lovemaking with your partner, the more you become intimate with one another because you share something in common: true love.  One cannot just engage in lovemaking if you do not love that person. Lovemaking goes beyond meeting one’s physiological need. It is no longer taken as a need but essentially a part of a wholeness that completes the other.

Third, lovemaking brings out the meaningfulness of marital life. It is that which fuels us to strengthen our  bond with our partner. A happily married friend once said, “Sex, in the context of marital relations, cannot just be undermined. It is that which makes life meaningful. Everything I do is easy because I am doing it not for my sake, but for the sake of my partner.” Thus, if you want your marital relationship to last a lifetime, you shave to set aside time just for sex.

Since sex provides the ingredient for husband and wife to live a life of intimacy and communion, you should never say to your partner, “I’m too busy to even have time for sex”! We can see the husbands getting ready to bold that line and print it!

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