Weekend getaway: How to plan a "parents only" holiday

Weekend getaway: How to plan a "parents only" holiday

It's fair to say that sometimes parents too need a break. Read on to find out why long weekends away from the kids are OK and helpful. Also get useful tips on how to plan that trip.

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There’s no harm in having a weekend getaway once in a while!

Weekend getaway: How to plan a “parents only” holiday

You’ve planned, agonized, saved and now you are in the final countdown; you’re only days away from your well deserved vacation – just you and your husband. You’re giddy with excitement and anticipation for your romantic getaway. You even bought a cute little number you are hoping he rips off your body. And that’s when the scream in the next room slaps you back to reality. This shouldn’t stop you.

Go for a vacation without your kids.  Get out of or around the Philippines and spend some time with your spouse and rediscover why you fell in love before marriage and the kids.

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Weekend getaways allow parents to relax, have fun and catch up on a nap or two!

Why long weekend getaways are more than okay?

There isn’t a study out there that doesn’t support the theory that the happiest, healthiest children are those whose parents are also happy. When mom and dad are married, being happy means having a loving, healthy relationship; one in which both of you are committed to making the marriage all it can be.

A big part of making a marriage healthy and happy is to take time each day to spend together talking, sharing and connecting emotionally and physically. But another important aspect of keeping your marriage healthy and happy is to take occasional ‘time outs’ for just the two of you– a romantic weekend getaway.

These romantic getaways allow parents the time they deserve to have fun, relax, catch a nap or two, have uninterrupted sex and do big people things without worrying about the kids needing a nap, getting hungry and more. In other words, these weekends away are a much deserved break.

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Treat yourself to a weekend getaway once in a while and keep the spark in your relationship.

Where to go on your adult holidays?

The decision of where to go will depend on a number of things including:

  • Your budget
  • Your likes/dislikes
  • Your time constraints

As long as you are both on board with your destination the where is completely up to you. There are some couples who find it relaxing to get their hands dirty and do something for someone other than themselves and their kids. These couples will often choose to go to a working ranch or farm or donate a week of their time to help with a mission or charity organization.

Other couples, however, want nothing more than to lie mindlessly in the sand soaking up the sun and splashing in the waves of the ocean during their romantic getaway. And others lock themselves in a secluded cabin tucked in the mountains for an all exclusive “adult holiday” or beside a quite lake and do nothing but soak up the love, fresh air and quiet of their special place.

How to create that romantic getaway

As a parent you know that doing things on the spur of the moment takes planning. So when you are planning your holiday here are a few important things you need to keep in mind:

  • Plan your adult holiday two to six months ahead of time
  • Plan your trip in conjunction with the person you plan to leave your children with
  • Have a ‘plan B’ in case of illness, injury or other roadblocks
  • Plan a trip you can afford. Doing otherwise will just stress you out.
  • If possible, have your caregiver stay in your home to cut down on packing
  • Tell children that you and daddy are going away for a few days but that you will be back and that you will miss them
  • Make sure your home and your children have any and everything they could possibly need in your absence (stocked pantry and refrigerator, school project supplies, money for incidentals, signed permissions slips, emergency contact numbers, etc.)
  • Speaking of emergencies… no one wants to think about anything happening, but it can and you need to leave your caregiver with the capability to seek necessary treatment for your child. You can do this by writing and signing a permission slip. It should state that you give (caregiver’s name) permission to authorize medical treatment for your child (state their names) between the dates of _______________ in your absence.

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It’s really up to you whether you want to check-up on your kids while you’re away!

Checking in at home

The question as to whether or not parents should check in at home while they are gone is purely a personal decision. If your children are under the age of 2, I would suggest not doing so. If there is an emergency you will be notified by your caregiver and your children don’t need the disruption. If, however, you have a 10 year old who has a soccer game while you’re gone, it is completely acceptable to call home to see how their game went and remind him/her that you were rooting for the team even though you weren’t there.

A weekend getaway now and then is not a sign of disconnect or lack of love and commitment to your children. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. To take the time to nurture your marriage and your individuality is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. Well, that and a family vacation for everyone!


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